Maha Chohan: Thanksgiving, 10-27-1953

Beloved children of God, I salute you in the name of the One God whose Life sustains your Presence in the universe, whose Love created you and whose Vision holds you ever within the perfect design which formed the very pattern upon which your being was drawn forth and decreed into action long before the world was!

As the great Lord of the World draws the holy ones who represent His will into glorious Shamballa, preparatory to closing the twelve-month cycle, may every individual whose heart desires to fulfill the will of God respond to the magnetic pull of the cosmic Unfed Flame and walk on silent reverent feet over the mystic bridge builded of consecrated energies into that Presence!

The harvest of the twelve months must be laid upon the sanctified altar of Heaven. Every retreat, every master, every chela and disciple, every aspirant must render an accounting for the use of his talents and energies, and an accounting must be rendered for the more sacred trust of invested energies given by the Karmic Council to certain lifestream delegated with power, authority and spiritual energy in order to facilitate the fulfillment of their part in the divine plan.

The great altar of Shamballa becomes the recipient of the individual and collective harvest of the Brotherhood. All is overseen by the gracious King who is smiling gently. No gift is too small, no harvest is too pitiful. He receives it in gratitude and blesses indivudally the timid and the bold who stand before the throne!

As the great Transmission Flame begins its journey around planet Earth from Shamballa, this activity represents the hope of this star's final victory; join the pilgrims and with the harvest of your year within the compass of your aura, kneel and offer it to the King of kings who will add it to the whole. And when all the harvest is gathered from the shining Archangels and Sons of Heaven as well as from the prayerful hearts of the most humble of men and women and from the elemental kingdom as well, the Lord of the World will bless that harvest in the Flame, and cosmic thanksgiving will be celebrated. He will bring the results of the service of the Brotherhood to the feet of the Karmic Council as witness of work well done. In hope He will offer it for further grants on December 31st. Blessings and love.