Archangel Michael: Become Masters of Energy, 9-11-1953

Ah, My beloved children, how long have I known these spirits cased round now in the garments of flesh! How long have I been the guardian of the flame of faith and hope and relief in the ultimate manifestation of God-good thru the heart of all evolutions walking the pathway of Earth. How often have I taken you into My arms at the close of an Earth-life when weary of soul with the small harvest garnered from your experience life you passed thru the portals of death and stood bewildered and alone at the otherside of the veil!

How often in My arms have I carried you into the beautiful temple of the sleepers and placed your weary soul upon the couch of life, kissed your closed eyelids, bathed your etheric body with the substance of peace and let you rekindle there the energies required for your journey to the Halls of Karma! How often have I stood by that couch and wakened you gently with the dread word that the Judgment Hall was waiting and within the circle of My Own arms' light have you walked into that hall and stood before that great impersonal tribunal where you timidly heard your record read. Then My strength breathed into the essence of your being, enabled you to stand erect and ask for opportunity to make restitution to life!

How often within My Own embrace have you left those council halls and entered into a schoolroom of life and prepared again for a journey thru the world of form! How many times have your sweet spirit been eased round in the bands of forgetfulness by My Own hands! How often has My kiss upon your brow been the last remembrance of the angelic realm ere you passed thru the gates of birth into the world of form.

I know you well each soul, each heart, each spirit! I know your hopes, your aspirations, your strengths and weaknesses and I love you because from My Father's Own Throne and from the heart of the great eternal I came forth to become the guardian Presence of hope and faith within the spirit of man and I shall never lay down the sword, fold My garments about Me and return to the pure perfection of the realm which is My home while there remains a soul in shadows, a heart in pain, a spirit in bondage! I have stood in the Flame of the God of this universe, I have bathed in the effulgent aura of His Love and it is My joy, My privilege and My honor to embody His nature and to carry the Love of God to all created form.

O the joy of serving Him! The joy of carrying hope into the hearts of men! Would that I might fire your feeling world with that joyous enthusiasm in your service to life that is bound that you too like the angelic host might find only happiness in loving life free!

The beauty of that great and mighty Father! The exquisite perfection of His complement, your own celestial Mother--how can I describe Them in words? Yet from those breathing heartbeats comes the essence which is your own identity, comes the constant flowing stream of electronic light which sustains the physical form and gives intelligence to the mind, continuity to consciousness and activity to the vehicles you presently inhabit!

O that you might see with the glory of sight of your own God-Presence that stream of electronic light that anchors within your heart, that flows forth with every heartbeat into your world and becomes that for which you decree! Ah, life is what you applied for before the Throne of the Eternal, life which you were brave enough to invoke, draw forth, qualify and release into the universe, bearing your stamp and your name, life that can only be given of the Father, yours for the asking and yet what have you made of it? What have you made of this exquisite pure electronic substance by which Elohim have built suns, stars, planets, by which the Godhead has created the angelic beings, devas, cherubim and seraphim? Each one of you has made your own bodies, your own worlds and "He who runs may read"!

I bring to you again a reminder of the opportunity that is within the use of life each moment, for it flows constantly! Ever since you first applied to the heart of the Father for individual identity and opportunity to express in the world of form, life has been given to you, all that you have asked for, and thru your own mental and feeling world you have molded this life into form, into substance, into every manifest creation of good and evil. We live, beloved ones, to set life free. You are the voices that now cry in the wilderness for you too within the heartbeat desire freedom, a way and means by which you may become master of molding and direction your own life! By your presence within this room you have signified to the universal First Cause that you desire to rise again into the dignified mastery of gods and goddesses and thru control and directed life expand the borders of the Kingdom--and it is good!

At the head of Hierarchy stands the Lord of the World Sanat Kumara who represents the King of kings to this evolution. At the head of the elemental kingdom stands the Maha Chohan, the final authority for that elemental life. We are the trinity who form the apex of the triple evolution that runs paralled thru the planets of this system and which by divine decree was intended to walk hand in hand in conscious cooperation in the development and maturing of a planetary star of freedom.

Since the veil of maya closed the sight of man to the glory of the angelic host and closed his ears to the music of the spheres, the elemental kingdom has served in silence, in suffering, in indignities that We shall not describe. The angelic kingdom has served unknown, unhonored and unsung except for the short Christmas season when they are honored. We are, you know, at the end of the great age which will close with the drawing of the essence of the Earth and the souls of men into perfection, and it is ordained by the intelligence which has governed this great universe that the three kingdoms--angelic, man and elemental--shall worship together, serve together and walk together along the pathway of life into that freedom. This is the service of the ceremonial ray under your own beloved Lord and Master St. Germain. It is a service which will bring to the consciousness of the people a realization of the Presence, guidance and love of the angelic host and elemental kingdoms as well as a conscious desire to unite the energy of the individual life into weaving a mantle of immortality for the Earth.

How shall I describe for you the consciousness of the angels? Ah sweet angels among you, I love you! It is not easy to wear garments of flesh but in your service shall Our Kingdom be known more quickly. Elementals among you, I love you! Long have you served and selflessly! And precious guardian spirits from other stars, do you remember the day We came from the heart of the Sun and walked over the bridge of electronic light into the atmosphere of Earth? With Us came the innocents, the precious lifestreams who were to have their first opportunity to master energy thru thought and feeling on this planet. Do you remember the tenderness in Our hearts for these budding souls? The love! Ah the love that made Us each forswear Our freedom and the joy and happiness of the reams of perfection as We vowed before the God who made us all to remain until the entire evolution had fulfilled its destiny!

Do you remember the happiness of those days when angels, seraphim and cherubim walked with men? When elementals in flower, tree, lake and mountain were visible to the physical sight of the evolving race before the laggards from other systems entered our planet? There were the sweet and happy days, the days in the "Garden of Eden"! Those days shall come again! They shall come first thru people like yourselves who can believe that the angelic host and the masters of wisdom are capable of reaching thru the veil, taking you by the hand and revealing to you the way back Home thru the power of Their Own love and light!

How sweet to see you standing at the threshold of the veil with your hands stretched thru that veil and holding Ours! How sweet to see your heartbeat, the glorious immortal flame of life eternal, rising like a magnet to draw Our Presence! How sweet to know that you love life and desire to set it free! That is why I AM here! That is why Lord Maitreya made it plain to Us that it was His desire that one after the other of the members of the ascended master and angelic kingdom should come and present a clear definite and distinct view of Our reality, Our peculiar and particular service to life which might convey to your consciousness a conviction that We are as real as you are, that We have a design for living and a purpose in being and We are willing to direct the full weight of Our cosmic gathered momentum into the aura and consciousness of any son or daughter of man willing to live for the whole!

How can I describe the consciousness of the angels, again I ask. The angels live only to radiate the nature of God, the virtue of God. They do not labor, they shine! They stand around the Throne of the great mighty eternal Father-Mother and--plunging into the living sea of that aura until their bodies are vibrant with Their Light they then at God's direction sweep outward carrying the essence and substance of faith, hope, love and healing to the four corners of the Kingdom.

Looking into a roomful of people such as this the angelic host would not see your forms. They would see the light and shadow of your own lifestreams. The human evolution, dear ones, is particularly concerned with the creation of form. They are concerned only with the tastes of the mental body by which is cut out of the universal substance a particular design corresponding to an idea, and then thru the action of the feeling world the energizing of that form, giving it life and lowering it into the third dimensional world.

The consciousness of the elemental is to become that form, to sacrifice their freedom, happiness and joy and to enter into the thoughtpattern developed by man, giving form to that idea by their own life. The consciousness of the angels is to draw the radiance thru the form, giving it life, directing it and filling the universe with its blessing.

Now, should you stand an elemental, a man and an angel before your chalice this is how it would appear to each consciousness. The elemental would see all his little friends within the glass that make up that form, their shining faces, their tiny bodies sustaining the outline of the cup and stem. The man would see the glass and judge its worth perhaps and wonder if it were crystal or otherwise. The angel would see the powers of the sacred fire drawn by your beloved leader into the cup and flowing thru it. The activities of all three kingdoms are necessary to have a perfect manifestation in this world of form.

Can you understand then how necessary it is for you among the members of mankind to come to an understanding of the elementals' consciousness and cease in the name of God creating thoughtforms which elementals are forced to fill with their own light bodies and which are a distortion of life imprisoning them sometimes for centuries in vicious vortices which would cause you to faint were you to look upon them with the inner eye. Oh God! Entering a large city like this, seeing the imprisoned elemental life--intelligent substance, mind you, which in obedience to the decree of some human being, is suffering incarceration in these vortices of dislike and anger, of and resentment! My heart cries out for men and women who are willing to set this life FREE! The elemental kingdom has been the unwilling servant of man since the last golden age passed from the screen of life.

Look at man's bodies today! In the name of God each one made a shining being of light in the image and likeness of their eternal Father yet they have deteriorated into garments of decay! I shall spur mankind on by My Presence in the universe! I have not idly offered to remain 20 hours out of every 24 within the astral realm in which their consciousness abides! I AM giving My life to release the imprisoned energy within the thoughtforms which make up the astral realm!

Do you know how many countless centuries the angels of the blue ray, the angels of My legion and I have spent cutting souls free? From what? From their own externalized thought and feeling, and yet again and again and again elemental life is drawn forth and imprisoned! I implore you, you who have professed to love life, think well on your use of thought and on the energizing power of your feelings. Oh I do not say this to make you tense, unhappy or unduly responsible for the entire realm in which I function, but beloved ones, Messengers of God have come and gone, the shining light of Buddha, the blessed Presence of Jesus, and yet the race is little further ahead, perhaps an individual soul or two cut free here and there within a year, but the masses are still drawing life, imprisoning the elemental substance, and IT MUST NOT BE!

Beloved Jophiel, My Brother, is the teacher of the angelic host as Lord Maitreya is the World Teacher of mankind. It is a lovely thing to see the angels learning how to control energy. Would that you might come with Me and see them! The small ones are just filled with love drawing that light from the body of God unable to contain it long within themselves, emitting it from their bodies quickly, something like your sparklers on the Fourth of July. Gradually as they develop and evolve these blessed ones are able to hold that light for longer and longer periods. Finally one day when they can embody love or peace or healing and can be trusted to enter into the lower realms where resistance and discord abide they are sent on a mission. Their bodies are filled with energy shining and vibrating with the quality which they have chosen, they come into the aura of mankind. They are not accustomed to human resistance and the unbelief of peoples. It is disappointing to their sweet hearts when they bring a gift of grace and it is not accepted, but they learn and in learning they grow.

As I came over a large prison tonight I wished that you could see the thousands of angelic beings standing in the atmosphere over that place! Would that you could see the heart-cry rising from the souls whose own karma has placed them there! I wished that you could see for a moment the Silent Watcher who is the guardian of that institution weaving those prayers and heart-cries into a great stream of light. This He directs upward to one of the great cosmic angels of healing who in turn sends back the healing currents from Lord Raphael's Temple, also directing countless hundreds of angelic beings to carry that healing to any soul receptive of its Presence. O there is so much going on around you! There is so much going on around this great universe! Every being within Our Kingdom is serving to the maximum development of his own consciousness, capacity and ability! Do you know that every member of Hierarchy is making application for an initiation that would increase his or her ability to serve?

Do you know that the seven archangels belonging to our Sun, My humble Self included, are taking initiations which will enable Us to condense Our radiation and release more light, more faith, more hope? Do you know that We feel because of the cosmic fiat of the hour that it is required of each one to become the strength of a hundred whether in Our realm or in yours? What are you doing to increase and intensify your capacity to serve the God that has made you and sustained you to this day? I ask you this in kindness because life has invested heavily in sustaining your souls, your bodies, your Presence in this universe, and I who have stood beside you in the Judgment Hall before the Lords of Karma bring to your remembrance the fact that you must render an accounting for such an investment!

Beloved children of God! You are not helpless while life beats your hearts! you are the master power of the universe which elementals and angels must obey! Arise now in the mastery and dignity of your life, fulfill the vow which you took before the Sun of this system when you offered to guard the people of Earth! YOU MUST BECOME MASTER OF THE ENERGY FLOWING THRU YOUR THOUGHT AND FEELING WORLDS FROM TODAY. This is the hour! We stand ready and thru the power of Our Own hearts' light We shall with every cell and atom of Our beings assist each such one to attain his or her eternal victory!

May I thank particularly those among this assembly who have been so constant in their calls to Me which have made much possible in My service. May I assure you that the calls made to My heart are My greatest joy for they open to Me a door into this realm of darkness thru which I may serve! May I tell you each and every one how much We love you, how close the angels are, how desirous We are of standing visibly within a room such as this and lifting Our voices with yours in song, in praise to the God of Life! How eager We are to stand by your side when you invoke the Presence of God, and flashing the flame and fire of Our being thru your directed call, bring instantaneous release from shadows!

We have spoken now for many years! You have enjoyed Our words but now will you stir yourselves to action? In the name of God come forth now and be that God Presence which I AM!

May the blessing of the eternal Father and the beloved Mother, the blessing of the angels, cherubim and seraphim be upon you and fill your households! May the faith in God pulsate thru your heartbeat disassociating your feelings FOREVER from fear of the appearance world. It is time that the sons and daughters of God no longer consider as security a crust of bread, a roof to protect them from the elements or a hope that in the declining years they may have a semblance of peace and a happy passing into a disintegrated form. In God's name change your thinking process! Raise your consciousness! Take the scepter of your God-Self in your hands! Command substance and energy to yield to the perfection that is within your hearts and BE a comfort to life. I CHALLENGE YOU! I shall be watching to see what you have done with My suggestions!