Sanat Kumara: Expanding the Light, Thanksgiving 1953

Beloved immortal spirits of eternal light and life, I bow before the focus of the sacred heart and the sacred fire of creation that gives you being. I AM drawn into your Presence in response to the magnetic pull of your own heart's light. I come because you each one are to become the light of the world and to fulfill thru your own individual destiny the same purpose which I have cosmically rendered unto this hour.

Blessed be the sacred fire within your hearts, the light which is to illumine not only a city but an entire planet, an entire system, an entire galaxy. Never limit in your consciousness and feeling the power of that light which is your very life. It was My belief in that light and in the ultimate desire that would rise in your heart to expand that light that prompted Me to come to the planet Earth and remain as the Guardian Presence until that hour and that day when the evolution upon the Earth itself would choose to assume its rightful responsibility. My faith, My trust, My confidence and My love have been proven this day by your response to My call. My beloved son Morya has chosen to set into motion this endeavor to accelerate the understanding and consciousness of mankind to a point where they may become consciously the light and aura of spiritual radiation required by the cosmic law to sustain the place of this small Earth in the solar system.

I HAVE LEFT VENUS BEFORE. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST PLANET THAT HAS WORN THE MANTLE OF MY LOVE. I STOOD ON OTHER ORBS WITH OTHER EVOLUTIONS AND I WAS RETURNED HOME VICTORIOUS IN EVERY CASE--sometimes one lifestream developing enough light in his or her heart to pay My ransom, sometimes an entire evolution developing that radiation required to meet the cosmic law's demand. It is not numbers but quality, beloved ones, that determines the radiation of light required to sustain the place of a planet in the evolution or to sustain the place of an individual in a planetary scheme.

What think you is the light of the world? It is but a quality of feeling that can be generated individually and sustained to a point where that aura, the inner bodies and the atmosphere radiate the pure light from the Unfed Flame which is within the heart. It is not some metaphysical truth that is difficult to discern, some occult formula which can be evolved only by the ascetic. It is such a simple self-evident truth and code of life and conduct that the smallest child or the most orthodox consciousness can become that light first within the small and narrow confines of the personal orbit and then on a larger scale. Those qualities which bring comfort, peace, harmony and balance, those qualities which externalize beauty, tolerance and understanding are the ones that emit light thru the feeling world and will eventually make even the physical garment self-luminous as it was when received first from the heart of the Electronic Presence. Those feelings which generate happiness in the lives of those you contact make you a lightbearer. It is as simple as that.

You walk the way of Earth! You rub shoulders with mankind daily and hourly and each and everyone of these men and women and children whom you pass in your daily association are potential lightbearers in themselves. When your spoken words, when your kindly smile, when your gracious gesture, when your radiation of feeling beget a similar radiation of happiness, of gratitude, of comfort, of peace in any one of these people, you have expanded the light in your own world and expanded the light of your fellowman. at that instant there has been an increase in the mass light of the entire planet. Do you see?

Walking along the street, in your department stores, the power that is within a smile to light another's face is proof that it is adding to the light of the world! It is the homely things, the practise of the power and love of God that transforms a mankind and an evolution from the selfish animal consciousness into the gracious divine kings and queens of light which you were once and which you must become again. You are entering the glorious radiation of the Seventh Ray under My son the Master St. Germain whose activity is known as ordered service, courtliness, kindliness, dignity and beauty of hourly and daily living.

Light from the heart of the Sun God, as well as from the heart of the smallest elemental, is builded on the rhythm of the second, minute and hour. The radiation on which must come forth from those of you who have vowed within your hearts to love Me free is that light which calls forth the overcoming light in others.

Shamballa means to make sacred. It is the name of the City of the Sun in the heart of Venus which is My Home. At the time when I attended the cosmic council and it was voted to return the Earth into nothingness, I returned to My orb Venus and into Shamballa. There I told My Beloved and My Council that I would like to assist the people of Earth and help to sustain the place of the planet in her system. My beloved friends the guardian spirits, priests and priestesses of the sacred fire, offered to come and build upon the planet Earth a replica of that blazing eternal City of Light--and so they did.

For hundreds of years they labored before the hour of My visitation to Earth was come, and the Shamballa that was created out of the beautiful substance of the physical world was an exact replica of that City on Venus. Into the akashic records was builded the perfection of that design which remains there to the present day. For the schoars who are among you Shamballa was built three times and three times the physical buildings were destroyed. The first time it was created and prepared for the hour when I should make My visitation. It was later destroyed and builded again by sensitive spirits who tuned into the glorious patterns in the akashic records. Again cataclysmic action returned it to nothingness.

The final building of Shamballa over sixty thousand years ago is recorded in occult literature. That too has suffered ecay but the etheric replica of the blazing powerful original city lives and breathes in the etheric over the Gobi Desert and shall remain there until it is lowered again permanently into the physical appearance world as the Golden Age proceeds and mankind individually and collectively prove themselves worthy to sustain it for all eternity. It will be My gift to the evolution that I have loved and will remain a part of the star of freedom long after I have returned to My Home, perhaps to go forth again to some further star, some more childlike evolutions, some more evolving life. that is love and that is service and that is joy.

We live but to love life free. Now you have come forth desirous of understanding the law of your own life, desirous of redeemed understanding of the energies of your own world and desirous of providing the light from within your own feelings and that of your fellowman so that I may close My cycle and rise on the love of your hearts into the glory of My Home. For that, beloved blessed children, I thank you. For your love I AM eternally grateful and for your desire individually to know how you may contribute to the light of the world. I pour to you today the concentrated radiation of My Own consciousness. When you care to turn your thoughts and attention to Me I will show you individually how you may add to the light of the world each day.

Opportunities are without limit particularly when you are surrounded by seven or eight million potential lightbearers. Mankind thinks spiritual opportunity lies on the mountain-top, in the hermitage, in the cloister or in the monastery. However, if you are to radiate your own light, if you are to become cosmic torchbearers lighting the feelings of others, stirring enthusiasm within their hearts, kindling the fires of faith and hope, awakening interest in brotherhood and selflessness and service, you must lift the mass ocnsciousness to give that service, you must become the leaven willing to raise the masses thru proximity. It is in the darkness that light is needed. It is in the shadows that the flaming fire of one awakened soul is required.

I came to Earth because she required light. Oh, this magnificent city, millions of souls walking in shadow! Use your power of radiation, touching their feelings and making them radiant lightbearers also! Experiment! Experiment with kindly feelings and see the light within the eyes of the hopeless kindled to renew faith! See the weary bent shoulders straighten and the spine again hold the body erect as a daughter or sun of the Most High Living God! See the bowed head raised so that the crown of immortality may rest with dignity upon the least of these. Do this and you will know why I CONTINUALLY seek planets and evolutions to love them free.

Children! Spiritual service has been cloaked with a consciousness of severity and duty. It has builded unconsciously tensions in the most earnest spirits who, feeling and sensing the responsibility of serving light, neutralize the very activity which the Holy Spirit Itself thru the heart would release--namely a happy, buoyant, joyous, controlled love. this brings a response from the fire and flame within the heart of those who seem yet so bound in shadow that they do not know how to generate that light which is their freedom.

I AM the Guardian of the sacred fire for the planet Earth. that fire is within your hearts. It takes a matter of seconds for the primal essence from the Great Central Sun Itself to pour down thru the silver cord into your flesh body the light which sustains the life and intelligence within the form in which you sit before Me. that life is the sacred fire of creation which is the only power I have used to create and sustain the light which has poured out from planet Earth into this universe and given any semblance of luminosity to your star. The same light, the same sacred fire, is within your physical hearts this morning. I have no particular jurisdiction over it. That fire within each one of you is enough to hold the balance for a city, for a nation, for a planet. It is the same power that the Master Jesus used to heal the sick, to raise the , to perform every so-called miracle by which He REDEEMED the light which was closed in by the shadows of limitation and distress.

That sacred fire is the redeemer of your own life-energy imprisoned in human creation. I have been called the Redeemer of the Earth, but it would be best to say the sacred fire by which I have being is that Redeemer, and that same redemptive power is within you. PROVE IT!

In a simple illustration, if you are depressed, give your attention to the sacred fire and know within you that your Redeemer does live and then ask that sacred fire to change the quality of your feelings. Think of something for which you can be grateful to life and you will see how powerful is the action of the fire to change your feelings and in changing your feelings to give you an opportunity to emit light which not only repels but dissolves shadows.

The sacred fire of creation within your heart is the redemption of every electron that you have drawn from the universal, qualified imperfectly and sent forth into this universe which on its return current comes back to its creator for freedom. O beloved ones, those beautiful electrons that form your own silver cord! I look at them this morning ! Each one of you manifests a definite and distinct pattern thru those electrons that flow from your Presence into your heart, which life obediently takes on the quality of your thought and feeling and is pressed out into your world and then into the helpless atmosphere which mankind must breathe. there your life qualified by your own freewill forms either part of the shroud of , depression and heaviness which weighs upon the people or becomes part of that melting radiant power of light that consumes the shadows, that activity of redemption for which the Brotherhood works.

That life having come forth thru the door of your individuality has no way to return home to the Father but thru the sacred fire of your heart thru its own redeemer by which it becomes purified. You call it karma. It is merely life and on its return journey it simply carries back to you the same quality that you sent forth. When it touches your worlds you repel it, and if you will not allow it to find the way back to the Father from whence it came it remains a part of your unconsumed heritage of karma until you can welcome it, redeem it thru the flame and send it home happily and gratefully.

You know that not one thing can touch you, nbot one thing can enter your world except that which you have sent forth previously. In the knowledge of the sacred fire, in the knowledge of the violet fire as that energy presses back for redemption that much of the Earth's shroud, that much of the garment will be transformed as it passes thru the sacred fire, and you standing in dignity and honor consciously return it to the universal as light, as part of My ransom.

Mankind at large do not have to handle the return of their energy so rapidly because they have not signified before life that they desire to complet their cycle, taking back, drawing into themselves and redeeming all that they have not signified before life that they have contributed in karma to the race and to the universe. You have chosen to do so. You chose like Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya and others to make the great sacrifice. What does that mean? It means to make sacred the energy of your own life whether it is pressing back as discordant circumstance, as ill health, as inharmony or as limitation. O but you must not lie down under that energy, for that too is an error. You are to call that sacred fire forth in a great cycle of living flame around you and as that life obeys your call and comes back for redemption it will be purified, transmuted and returned to your causal body without discomfort to the personal self.

You have commendably utilized the power of the Unfed Flame in expanding its light. You have been told and have accepted that as you place your feet upon the spiritual path the Unfed Flame within your hearts will grow, but in the mass of mankind that flame has receded until it is less than one-sixteenth of an inch in height. Conscious chelas and students as their attention goes to the Presence find that flame expanding. Finally the day comes when the little airless cell in which it abides no longer can hold it, the cap of that small compartment is burst, the flame rushes forth and there is born within it an exact replica of your own Holy Christ Self which the Upanishads and Vedic writings have referred to as the golden man that lives within the heart. This is the second birth of the orthodox world, and as that little being begins to expand you will feel the Unfed Flame taking more mastery thru your human form and your inner bodies.

You have evolved the beautiful decrees asking the Unfed Flame to expand, to arise, to illumine you and to provide protection, and that is beautiful indeed, but have you thought upon the cohesive power of the Unfed Flame as an activity of precipitation, of drawing from the universal the good that you require? I suggest that you experiment with that same power. After all in its cohesive activity it hops your physical body together keeping those cells revolving in their orbit around their own central core. you will find it also has within it the power to draw todays you every good and perfect thing. There is so much, beloved children, that you can do thru contemplation of the power of the sacred fire!

I welcome the opportunity of speaking with you this morning because the great Shamballa has opened her doors again to the Brotherhood. Once every year as the twelve month cycle draws to its close We play host to those great beings who have offered to guard and protect the evolving mankind on Earth, and wherever possible teach them the way back Home. For long long years this activity in Shamballa was a private one and none less than high initiates, adepts and fully free masters were among Our guests, but thru the widening of the interest of unascended beings We are host to many many thousands of lifestreams this year. Also many millions of good men and women stand in their etheric bodies in the atmosphere around Shamballa accepting Our light and radiation though they cannot yet participate mentally in an alert awakened consciousness in the actual ceremonies of the flame or enjoy consciously the great addresses that are being given by the Brothers and Sisters who are members of the great Hierarchy.

I have chosen to come and give to you today a simple presentation of how you may be the light of the world. I hope you will remember that it is an opportunity without parallel for you to establish within the hearts of men and women and children you contact in your orbits, in your business, in your personal activities and--those of you who are connected with public life--in your audiences an understanding that the most perfect service that any unascended being can render is to change the quality of his own feeling and that of others to a constructive endeavor. The early Christians are a marvelous example of that--they tuned in so deeply to the consciousness of their leader and master that they embodied His feelings and conveyed them on the instant to those with whom they were surrounded. In this manner they made more converts and created a greater pattern of the Christ way of life than all of the lecturers and all of the speakers that have followed them in the centuries since the full impetus of Jesus' record was removed into the dissolution of the physical bodies of the last of the disciples and apostles who walked the Earth.

Now again We come close. We shall return as you desire Us. Know, beloved children of God, in the name of the great God of Light and Life, in the name of the Sun of the system, in the name of Shamballa and the Holy Great White Brotherhood which I serve I give you My blessing. May the star of My Own light shine above your heads. May love which I have felt for your evolution fill your hearts! May you become such spiritual incendiaries that everywhere you move light will appear. May every lifestream you contact be filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit! May you NEVER in the name of the God that made you leave any environment or lifestream in as much shadow as you found it! THAT is now your responsibility.

Eighteen years before My going I place in your hands the scepter of dominion which I have brought from Shamballa and which has remained the property of Lord Maitreya and Myself until this hour. I ask that you use that scepter individually and where there is sorrow bring happiness, where there is limitation bring freedom, where there is death bring life. For this were you born, for this cause came you into the world, and for this Day has life sustained you thru millions and millions and millions of years.

You have come to a point where you have offered your hearts and hands to God and you have asked "How may I serve my fellowman?" I say to you there is not an experience in your life from the time when your feet touched the floor in the morning until your head rests upon your pillow at night that you do not have opportunity to bring more light to some part of life, animate or so-called inanimate, whether of the human kingodm, the elemental kingdom, the angelic kingdom, the four-footed kingdom or nature as a whole. Watering a plant that is dry makes that plant happy and makes that plant emit light. Do you see? It is as simple as that. Opportunities are all around you to emit light.

Do you remember the small boy that the Master Ariel was training in the control of energy? Sometimes when the experience of life would weigh heavily he would say within himself "I hope my master doesn't ask me to emit my light today." I AM ASKING YOU NOW EVERY DAY, EVERY HOUR, EVERY MINUTE TO EMIT YOUR LIGHT! I want lips to smile, hearts to sing, souls to have new faith because you are My ambassadors. I want shadows to recede, sunshine to be present, fears and all the terrific agonies to which man's consciousness is heir to disappear at your approach so that when you walk the length of a room that light going before you will bring harmony.

Opportunity is yours, and now let Me see your activity in love. I thank you.