Mother Mary: The Beam of Your Energy & Attention, 1-19-1954, Daytona Beach, Fla.

May the peace of God rest on this house tonight, beloved children! May the love of God rise within your hearts until it becomes the predominant feeling in your consciousness and you become aware in every cell and atom of your earnest selves of that divine Presence!

Well do I know your hearts! It seems but yesterday that you stood pure and white spirits before Me and presented to Me the elemental substance which was to form your garments of flesh in the next incarnation, each of you having been called before the Lords of Karma and given an opportunity to take a new incarnation. Each one of you presented those energies which were to form the envelope thru which your soul might seek understanding and ultimate freedom. It has been My privilege since entering into the realms of eternal light to assist in the creation of the chalice which holds the sacred fire around which is drawn the elemental substance of the flesh form and within which burns the fire of immortality.

Within each twelve month cycle every lifestream who is to incarnate upon Earth within that period enters My aura and together We fashion the heart which will hold the sacred fire thruout the entire lifespan so that when I enter a room and welcome the hearts, souls and spirits of men I take great delight in looking upon My Own handiwork, rejoicing as the flame within the sacred heart begins to expand, lighting the shadows, and one day bursting forth in a great transfiguaration of the self into the Presence. It is thru this process of the sacred fire that the base substance thru divine alchemy is drawn into divine purity. It is the same method by which every lifestream who has ascended entered into the full use of the immortal electronic garment, the seamless robe of eternity.

While We have the great opportunity of holding the attention of mankind thru this year upon Our Presence and Our service to life, I shall endeavor to convey to the consciousness of the students and those who visit with Me in the Resurrection Temple or in any one of the retreats or sanctuaries where My focus and flame abide the consciousness of the immaculate concept, the consciousness which I developed thru century after century of dedication of My spirit and self-conscious loyalty to God.

When beloved Jesus was a very small boy He already manifested this purity of spirit. he was born with a natural beauty of consciousness. He had no karma. There was not a stain on his soul nor one flaw within His thoughts and feelings that would contaminate the perfect expression of His mind, His body or His spirit and, perfect and pure as He was, He had the use of the faculties of the senses more highly developed than any child born of woman--perfect sight, perfect hearing, senses of taste, touch and smell and a great sensitive intuition to spiritual things. He was like a beautiful strong instrument made to contact higher vibratory action, not only of the physical world but of the higher spheres as well. This exquisitely developed lifestream was naturally capable of drawing the appearance world into himself with greater impact thru the very clarity of the senses moreso than the dense and dull consciousness that perceives little and exists rather than lives. He had along with every man and woman on Earth the gift of freewill into which even I was not permitted to intrude--thru the pressure of My desire for His freedom--but it was My great privilege to help that consciousness to use those faculties to magnify the God of light and the perfection of the Father whom He had vowed to represent to the race.

Think of this for a moment. He did not live in a charmed world. We lived in a small humble village in comparative poverty. He was chosen to rub shoulders with the lame and the sick, with the diseased of mind and body. In the day when We walked the Earth there were no institutions to close round those desolate forms which today are not apparent to the masses. This beautiful and delicately minded boy, clothed in His simple tunic, the sandals that Joseph made for Him upon His feet, was exposed to every thought on every plane with only Our love to clothe Him round, and it was then I said to Him, "Son, your soul has the power to magnify anything that you choose to accept as real. You may magnify an appearance of illness and distress or you may magnify the Lord of Life." I tried to show Him the simple principles that I will present night after night in the Resurrection Temple and which I intend to present to the students at every opportunity I have to speak with them thruout the year. Jesus has said that it helped Him, and I tell you that it saved My sanity many times thruout that embodiment. St. Germain as Joseph ofttimes blessed that principle. It helped Me to go thru initiations that I hope no other unascended being will ever be called upon to take. Therefore I guarantee that it will help your individual souls thru every experience you may have.

Your souls, beloved ones, are magnets. From your soul flows your life. Whatever your attention connects with your soul does magnify. It is a mathematical and scientific principle which none can escape--initiates, chelas or laymen. You may magnify good or evil. When your attention connects with any appearance your life flows from your own heartbeat into it and it grows and it magnifies both in the appearance world and in inner realms whenever that soul abides. Now, you may either magnify the shadows and distress of your appearance world or you may magnify the power of God by turning the beam of your energy and attention to that Holy Christ Self holding that attention there, dedicating your attention to receiving and magnifying its powers and qualities until your inner soul-self grows. Confidence grows in beauty and grows in perfection in imitation of that one.

We made a game of it when Jesus was little and He would come as children do with bruises on His feet or on His knees, all the various appearances that affect all small growing boys. He would say "We shall not magnify that hurt or that scar, We shall magnify Our Lord." Then turning Our attention to that perfect pattern--the three of Us--We would draw back the healing and peace of the Presence thru Our beings until the appearance would disappear. We did this systematically, We did it daily. We built together a momentum that I within Myself knew was building a positive power of resistance in the consciousness of Jesus against every appearance of evil that, when His cosmic moment came upon Him, He could even look at death itself and refuse to magnify it by the power of His heartbeat, turning all the power of His energy to life, magnifying the power of that life thru Him until death was vanquished. Do you see?

It should be the same with you, dear hearts. We have watched the family life of mankind. I have watched the mothers and fathers of the race. I have seen them in their great sense of responsibility and desire to surround their individual flocks with security and protection, and yet thru that very sincerity they will magnify the appearance instead of the allpower of the Presence which thru the energy of the upreaching consciousness would conduct the substance of healing, supply and protection into the world of form.

I have said within Myself "When opportunity presents itself I shall make the magnificent the creed of the chelas. They shall accede as I did to that principle of truth that stood within My world until they are free." O sons of heaven, daughters of Heaven! Why magnify the appearance world? Let us together magnify the powers of the Lord! Thank you for accepting the feeling of this, dear heart friends!

As I witness the coming of the masters into the consciousness of the earnest ones bringing Their gifts of light, Their vision of the things to come, and I see the distress of the personal self, the limitations and shadows of the soul My heart is near to bursting with the desire to convey to you how simple it is to connect with your Christ Self by just turning your soul, your spirit and your senses to the everpresent God, allowing your energies to bask in that uplifting, healing, everpresent Heart of all good and then feel the flame of your own heart like an unfolding lotus conduct those God-qualified energies into the world of form.

All of the great men and women who have performed the seeming miracles of the ages have been merely conductors. My beloved Jesus was merely conductor who connected the energies of His physical and inner bodies with His Father-Mother God in whom He had such perfect trust that no outer appearance, beloved ones, could ever draw an electron from His feeling world or cause Him to magnify it.

That is the tremendous accomplishment He has offered to any lifestream who cares to accept it. I was present at, in fact was instrumental in, the very first so-called miracle that He performed at Cana in which He just turned His attention to the Father of all good and allowed the energies of His Own inner bodies to change the substance of that water into electronic light--the people unconsciously qualifying it with that which they desired to manifest. It is one of the simplest activities, just a letting go of the limited outer self, connecting inwardly with the Presence of God, letting His power of healing, of supply or of peace flow into the manifestation.

Blessed ones! this should be a year of tremendous importance to you and if even a handful of you can grasp the significance of this law, if you can work it out in some simple manifestation, feeling the power of your own energy connected with the power of the Christ Self, you will truly be Ourselves in action! Now you move around in the world of form and your senses have been in the habit of bringing to your consciousness reports of good and evil. Will you not try to change that by accepting only the good? Will you try to remember Me as you go about your daily work and let us see what will magnify in the course of a day!

It is a happy training. It is a pleasant pastime. You know yourself even in your human activities how grateful you are when friends do not magnify your weaknesses and how grateful is the soul when there is even one who magnifies your service, your capacities and your capabilities. That is what We do constantly. You know, some of the students are unduly concerned when We commend individuals for accomplishment, and judging from human standards they question the wisdom of Our commendation, but We are magnifying the good while the limited outer consciousness of the student magnifies the appearance. If We had not magnified the good, mankind would have passed into the second death long ago and there is no member of the spiritual Hierarchy who took embodiment, who would have been able to get home God-free if some other soul had not chosen to stand by and magnify the good within that incarnated spirit, holding the faith, holding confidence, holding the trust while the individual was engaged in cosmic service, endeavoring to fulfill his mission.

May every God Presence now individualized choose to magnify the good in each other. When that is done We shall have a heart and body and soul and spirit made up of every lifestream belonging to the universal Father that will truly embody the nature of the Cosmic Christ. To your hearts, to your families, to your loved ones I direct the energy of the flame of Maitreya for your beautiful hospitality and for your exquisite remembrance of Me in your daily life which draws Us closer and closer and gives Us opportunity without limit to bless you individually and collectively. For Myself I shall magnify the light in your hearts, for I believe in you. You know I helped create those hearts and I shall see you free! I bless you and thank you, and now I shall say good evening.