Maha Chohan: Transmission Flame Letter of Feb. 1, 1954

Beloved children of My heart, I AM so grateful for your loving cooperation and interest in My humble endeavor to amplify the blessings and radiation of the retreats and their blessed members. Graded radiation is a universal law. Conductors of qualified energy carry the blessings of the Central Sun from sphere to sphere on their outward course to the periphery of the universe. The angelic evolution particularly serves in this capacity because there is no resistance, rebellion, nor mental reservations in their consciousness to limit their receiving and expanding the will, the nature, the qualities of God.

Now you have drawn man's consciousness into like service by joining these Transmission Classes and by giving of your life to magnetize, energize and amplify currents, blessings and spiritual gifts which would otherwise be too subtle, too ethereal to benefit the gross vibratory action of the masses. Even as the senses require the mechanical device of radio and television to lower the vibratory action of music and speech to a point where it can be perceived and enjoyed by the outer consciousness, so do these spiritual currents enter your worlds and then you become transmitters in your locality.

Darjeeling is the home of the Brothers of the Diamond Heart. As My Son El Morya is honored as Sponsor for 1954, We enter the focus at Darjeeling to give to Him Our energies. As each retreat is honored its hierarchies receive the gift of life of all who enter therein or turn their attention toward it. You also give your life in this manner, and thus the master has an extra portion of qualified life in that 30 day cycle to pour into His particular cause or venture. The Diamond Heart as thoughtform of year will be created around each sanctuary, director, leader, student and their homes, business and families during the Transmission Class. It is a protective shell independent of the tube of light which will help cut lines of force that connect each lifestream with discord and which will deflect astral currents that flow in the lower atmosphere as well. If you will be conscious of beloved El Morya, the Brothers of the diamond Heart and the devas and builders of form, creating out of shining light this protective blessing for you, I AM sure you will feel instant and sustained relief which its presence will bring. Love and blessings.


Maha Chohan: Transmission Flame Letter of Mar. 1, 1954

Within your heart is the spirit of truth, part of the divine nature of God Himself. Because that spirit is within you when you listen to your heart you cannot fail to recognize truth wherever you meet it on your individual journey thru every sphere. Every chela on the path has experienced the leaping force of that heartflame when truth is presented. When obedience is given to the directives of that heartflame the souls of men proceed in peace toward the fulfillment of the divine plan. When other voices and desires, other interests and motives stimulate the self in action there is not the confirmation of peace from within the heart. This is the time to stop, pray and wait for the comfortable feeling from within the heart before proceeding farther along any course of action.

One of the great guides for mankind thru many ages is the Lord Himalaya. Within the recesses of the mountains that bear His name He and His Brothers have guarded and sustained the truth which has been drawn forth by various members of mankind, their guardian spirits and the messengers designed to bring truth to the people thru the ages.

Thru the rising and sinking of continents, the rolling of the landed surface and the surging tides of great seas, the beloved Presence of Himalaya has secured for mankind the wealth of spiritual culture which each age drew forth and left as a harvest of its energy. Seekers after truth and illumination in every age have sought the wisdom of life in these great mountains. For many centuries the magnetic pull of love divine has drawn into the inaccessible vastness of the Himalayan Mountains the chela who has come to a place in his own evolution where the world's wisdom could no longer assuage his spiritual thirst. Some were fortunate enough to secure the right to enter the Presence of beloved Himalaya. Many were privileged to feel His radiation but never had the joy of personal contact. Very few were ever invited into the outer chamber of His retreat.

At the request of Sanat Kumara this great Presence is again opening His retreat to the pilgrims upon the spiritual path. All who direct their consciousness toward Him and who breathe in the peace and tranquility of His Presence will know why men have risked life and limb, have forsworn comfort and security and have invested every ounce of vital energies to be near Him, to bathe in the radiance of His aura and to share His consciousness, wisdom and love.

Most of the members of the spiritual Hierarchy have sat at the feet of this master, including Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Myself and all the present chohans of the rays. Our reverence and devotion to His Presence are without parallel, for His light has enabled Us to kindle Our Own spiritual natures in time long since gone. We know what He can and will do for the earnest, sincere and hopeful in bringing illumination to the consciousness, love to the feelings and fulfillment to the soul's hunger.

Beloved Himalaya offers each one who turns his consciousness toward His retreat one request. Into this petition He breathes His light and His power of fulfillment. Think well on what you ask and then rest in the assurance that on the very acceptance of your world does the current from His heart bring you that wish which is the substance of your request.

The flame in the retreat holds the form of the blue lotus. Its particular radiation is illumination and tranquility. The theme which contains the keynote of this beloved master is the old favorite Love's Old Sweet Song. May the blessings of God, the illumination of the great Lord Himalaya and My Own personal blessings be upon you in your search for truth in its fullness. Love and blessings.