Archangel Michael: Your Book of Life, 1953, dictated to Geraldine lnnocente

To you who are gathered here in sincerity, hope & faith do I bring the greetings & gratitude & blessings of the angelic host & those of us who live but to serve & protect life.

I have been called the Defender of the Faith, & I have endeavored thru my long pilgrimage upon every planet belonging to this solar system of which your physical sun is the heart to protect & sustain the faith within the hearts of men, women & children until their own heart-flames rising within them melt away the human veil, thus allowing them to perceive the glory of the inner spheres that swing ever around them, interpenetrating the sordidness of their daily outer existence.

I would that you might hear the glorious music of the spheres & the anthems of the celestial choirs which are not afar off but flow thru the very atmosphere in which you live & have your being, requiring but a tune-up & a step-up in the y action of your consciousness to make you aware of their imminence.

Does it seem strange that I should come among you when for countless centuries it has been my privilege, joy & honor at the close of your earth span to receive you into my personal Presence & escort you each one to the great Halls of Karma? There I stood by your side while your life-record was read & those great impersonal & impassionate judges chose in kindness & mercy the particular sphere in which you had by your life endeavors fitted yourself to dwell.

We are old heart friends, beloved ones, & not too many centuries ago counting from your record of time you knew me as well as you know each other, & we shared conscious contact & communion one with the other. I remember as if it was yesterday the exquisite cosmic ceremony in which the beloved Helios & Vesta were given the opportunity & the responsibility of becoming the Sun of our system. I remember well the coming of the seven great Builders of Form, each clothed in the robes representative of his particular office. I remember how I too came with the other six Archangels & how we were privileged to sit with Helios & Vesta & confer together upon the creation & sustenance of a solar system.

At that time they as God-parents of the race showed us upon the cosmic screen the planets which they had decided to externalize from the substance of their own Light Bodies which were to cradle the members of the race who had applied to the Sun of the entire system & who were destined to evolve into perfected beings.

Each planet was to be created for the particular number of lifestreams whom the God-parents had decided were to be given the opportunity of planetary evolution in the course of a Cosmic Day of Brahm; the size of the planet, the contour of its surface corresponding always to the particular evolution which was within the mind of the father & mother of the group of evolving God-intelligences.

Then in a magnificent ceremony each of the Elohim was given the light pattern of the planet over which he would be the guardian Presence--& from the substance of his own Light Body he directed those mighty convex lightrays which Saint Germain has described so beautifully to form a cradle into which the universal light substance might be drawn by the magnetic power of his own love.

We who represented the protecting power of each successive planet then came forth, & all seven of us remained in attendance on the race until the evening of the First Day of Brahm was accomplished & that evolution returned in full God-dominion to the heart of the God-parents.

Sad to relate, however, there were some who were unable to complete the individual application to make the grade, & it was necessary that they be removed to the next planet as it coalesced & became ready for habitation. These souls were then carried within the aura of the Archangels & joined with the newly-born spiritual egos who were to fulfill their destiny thru incarnation upon the second planet of our system, & so we came finally to the preparation of the dear Earth, as the blessed Morya & Saint Germain chose to call her, which was originally designed for a comparatively small number of lifestreams, & yet which took upon herself the residue of all the preceding planets of the system, as well as the new egos who were to have the first incarnation in physical form upon her.

I remember the majestic Presence of Virgo, the flaming Presence of Aries & the calm serenity of Neptune as they stood before the great cosmic elohim & accepted the opportunity & responsibility of drawing the elemental substance from their specific kingdoms into that matrix of electronic light formed by the Elohim from the rays of their own hearts.

I remember well the invocation of each of these three great beings who drew around them nature devas & builders of form & the small elementals that represented their kingdoms, & I remember the great blessing as each of these individuals belonging to the various kingdoms knelt before their superiors & accepted gratefully the voluntary imprisonment which would be required to make habitable vehicular homes for the new & lnnocent Spirits presently incarnating, as well as for the recalcitrant members from the preceding planets of our solar system, but not those of the system above us.

You speak idly sometimes, dear people, of the earth but if you could have seen the eons of time & the incorporation of the energies of mind & heart & spirit of these great & beautiful beings before they could signify to the sun that the Earth was ready for habitation, you would kiss each blade of grass, each sheltering tree & each individual type of nourishment provided for the physical bodies of those who were to be given the opportunity of evolution.

I was chosen as perhaps you do not all know to bring to our Earth the original group of lifestreams who were to incarnate for the first time upon our planet. This group was preordained & chosen & had been prepared in the seven inner spheres for this opportunity. They in themselves would not have overcrowded the Earth, & the progress & evolution of her planetary development would have been comparatively simple if it were not that boatload after boatload of souls from the preceding planets, who had failed to achieve the victory of immortality, were conveyed hither & took up their abode among the members of this evolution until the weight of the misused life energy was such that it contaminated the lnnocence of the newborn spiritual beings on the beautiful Earth.

Then it was that the beloved Archangel Raphael asked for volunteers from other systems & other stars to counterbalance the destructive energy of the excess population lest our Earth be swung completely off her axis & dissolved into nothingness. These volunteers came, among them the great Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, & many great friends from Venus, as well as from other systems, choosing within themselves to take upon them bodies of flesh, share in the same karma & live & breathe under the atmospheric pressure of human creation.

In the first & early ages all of the lifestreams incarnating were enabled to return home because the mercy of life was such that the new & pure Earth was not allowed to become hostess to the recalcitrant members of other planets until the middle of the Lemurian Age, so you can see that in themselves the natural children of the Earth are not among the major problems with which we deal, particularly those of us who have forgone the happiness of the higher realms & the joys of nirvana to dwell within the shadows.

We have witnessed much in the long course of history, not only of the Earth but other stars & planets as well, but I think the most unhappy experience in which I personally have ever been engaged was to see the contamination of the consciousness of the original inhabitants of the Earth thru suggestion & radiation until the mist or veil of human creation began to grow--at first like a cloud, an effluvia that could be dispelled by a strong wind, but seeing this grow we knew that unless it was stopped it would be but a matter of time before a barrier insurmountable would be created by the sons of men thru which we could with great difficulty reach.

Then there came a day when the spiritual Sun & the great masters of wisdom & the great Elohim & Archangels could be heard but no longer seen--those few who refused to succumb to the encompassing mist & atmospheric pressure of those days becoming our lifeline thru whom we might reach from time to time sensitive lifestreams who could feel the reality of our Presence & remember within the heart those happy early ages.

It was at this time that I chose to forgo the natural activity of the Archangels & enter into that which you now know as the psychic or astral realm. Here I have spent the full & greater part of my life century after century, age after age, eon after eon, in an endeavor to disentangle lifestreams after so-called death, preparing them to enter the Halls of Karma & receive from the cosmic law a new opportunity to control the facets of consciousness which like the salt-grinder in the early fairy tales continues to grind out maya unlimited, thereby adding to the veil between the human & the divine.

We are constantly consuming, cutting away, dissolving & removing the effluvia of mankind's own creation--& more unhappy still, the effluvia from the conscious student body who, knowing at least intellectually the power of creation that lies within consciousness, continue to weave the cocoon which closes them in & shuts out our words from their ears, our Presence from their sight, our fragrance from their nostrils, & our peace from their hearts. Until we can reach & in some manner incorporate the assistance of incarnate lifestreams--at least of those guardian beings who chose voluntarily to come & bring the light to the darkened consciousness of men--our task seems endless indeed as well as thankless. I shall not describe to you the conditions of the unseen realms into which you tie when the y action of your own lifestreams vibrates at one with the dissonance. There is so much of that substance & energy drawn into the body when the negative vibrations are accepted & made part of one's world that it literally takes us months to undo the results of one such digression.

I am desirous of finding those among you who choose to grasp the thought & feeling centers within consciousness & with a firm hand, a clear mind, a concentrated ideation & a love divine begin to generate vibrations akin to those of us who serve from behind the human veil for the dissolution of the causative centers which but feed this shroud in which the Earth groans in its death agony.

In these discarnate realms, beloved hearts, there are lifestreams who are so attached to the Earth thru thought, feeling & passions, thru affection & devotion, that it would be impossible to intrude upon their free will & to take them from the hell of their own creation were it not for the impersonal love of unascended & incarnate lifestreams who choose of themselves to pray for the so-called dead. That energy rising is seized by the angelic host under my direction & utilized to cut thru that magnetic force & earthly pull, thereby preventing those lifestreams from adding to the effluvia which is the heritage of the race.

You speak rather lightly of the mass pressure of one hundred or one hundred fifty pounds per square inch upon the bodies you wear, but I tell you it is a miracle that you can hold your heads high & even love the light considering that with which you are surrounded. If it were not for the personal presence of the angelic host who in response to the heart-call of the Silent Watchers are endeavoring to secure the cooperation of incarnate spirits, & those gentle angelic beings whose chief occupation is to create & sustain a canopy of their own light & love around you creating a heavenly environment, you would not truly live beyond the twelfth birthday. But that is not enough!

You have within the compass of your consciousness an understanding that there is externalized out of the substance & energy of your own worlds an actual veil, & your lack of divine memory & inner sight & inner hearing, perfect health & wealth of funds--all of which it is your right & heritage to enjoy--is proof that you have not yet ceased to generate your individual veil, to say nothing of becoming a dissolving & purifying power for the masses.

Twenty hours out of twenty-four, judging by your limited concept of time, I spend within the psychic realms answering the call which goes up from the heart of the people, from the hearts of friends, of relatives, of those who know a little something of the condition of life after death, & on rarer instances responding to the call from the heart of a soul who is aware of his cocoon-like existence. These latter I cut free from their discordant conditions & within my own arms in the blazing glory of my own light I take them directly to the Halls of Karma & from thence to the schoolrooms where they may learn the law governing life. It is sad to relate however that the mass accumulation of the race, family heritage & the natural sluggishness of the soul is such that these lifestreams upon reincarnating scarcely reach the age of four months before they begin to weave over again the very same psychic substance to which I have given my life for purification.

Do you not think that this requires patience, for I have rendered this service on Mu & on all the planets preceding the Earth's evolution, & I shall continue to render this service until the seven planets of our system are free. I would like to convince you of your power individually to stop being a generating center of discord but to be rather a constant invocative power of the sacred fire. I would like to enlist your friendship & your assistance to me in preparing those lifestreams in the astral realm who have awakened to a point where they are applying for reincarnation.

The beloved Saint Germain has told you that he is preparing to establish temples of the violet fire of freedom's love within the lower atmosphere of the astral realm, & we ask you to make the call to the cosmic law that every soul who passes from the body is taken into one of those temples immediately & no longer relegated to the realm of the sleepers, no longer to weave from their own consciousness a self-hypnosis which they call heaven or hell, but that they be consciously prepared by teachers & given an understanding of the law.

You do not understand, my beloved hearts, what the establishment of those temples in the lower atmosphere will do for the human race incarnate, for you live--the majority of you--within the psychic & astral realm which extends according to your measure up to the ten thousand foot level. & when the purification of this realm takes place due to the establishment & maintenance of these foci of the sacred fire, you will find the great pressure that is upon the hearts of those of you who want to do right tremendously lessened & you will find the desire to do right will be the predominant pressure upon the feeling worlds of the people.

Up to this time we have not been able to freely discuss our plans & to incorporate the cooperation of unascended beings because the cosmic law had not turned to that point, nor did we have an adequate means of reaching your outer minds, but now that we have we are going to take every opportunity to acquaint you of the service in which we are engaged with the hope that among a number there may be some who are willing to join us in these endeavors.

I am not fully free to spend great amounts of time in the Halls of Karma, but there are always at least two of the members of my particular spiritual court there, & I have asked that I may make it seven. These will not only assist the lifestreams who, passing thru the change called death, are carried instantly before the Karmic Board, but they will also be required & will joyously cooperate in drawing these individuals after their judgment into the schoolrooms of light. This is an interesting & joyous task, & your cooperation, your love & your assistance will make it much easier.

I thank you for the opportunity of speaking with you. I have endeavored to temper the power of my life energies to a point where I am not distressing to the inner radiation of your world, & I hope you will remember your friend who looks to you who are yet in human form to represent him. I await your call & am always ready to serve not only those who lie prone after the silver cord is cut but those who live & breathe & move about & who are serving in the field of maya during their somnolence. It takes but an instant to make such a call & its results are permanent.

We long for the day when we may come again, stand in your midst, give you the passing pleasure of looking upon our countenance & at least convince you thru the assistance of your own consciousness of our reality & practicability. This is my dispensation which I will present at the council in June.

It is my hope that you will remember me as a practical being, that is the point which we are trying to emphasize in these friendly & informal talks until we draw close enough to you that you may know within yourselves that we are not ephemeral wraiths but that we are intelligent, conscious, thinking, feeling beings who control consciousness, draw & mold substance & energy, direct it, work with what we have on hand & apply to the God of Might who made us all for dispensations upon the merit of the lifestreams who are to be benefitted.

We are all working under the law in love toward a definite end which is not to forward any particular lifestream's personal evolution but to set all mankind free, allow greater numbers to reincarnate, teach them well, so that when the Maha Chohan takes the last breath from their nostrils, places his hand over their heads, sealing their senses so that no more energy may flow thru & then draws them thru the veil into the great beyond, I may be among those privileged to say, "I come to conduct you to the Halls of Karma before the great Karmic Lords where you shall receive your victory wreath, signifying that you are to go out no more."

Those are the tidings of great joy that bring comfort to the soul, the day that you hear those words spoken & your record book shows a balance of energy sufficient to close, seal & lock the diary of your pilgrimage when you present it to the Maha Chohan who joyfully receiving it places it in the cosmic library wherein is stored the life experience of every living being. Ah, that day will be a happy one indeed!

The Maha Chohan's library, containing the finished Earth record of every ascended being, is pure snow-white--ceiling, walls, cases, floors, rugs, furniture--& from the floor to the ceiling you will see the books from which the orthodox world got the idea of the Book of Judgment. Those books contain within them the record of the life experience of each one from which the God of Mercy thru one of Kwan Yin's own personal court has removed every record of distress, leaving only the good.

When the ultimate victory is achieved, the being about to receive his ascension signs his inner name at the close of the final chapter, the Maha Chohan signs his name, Sanat Kumara signs his name, the golden clasp is locked, the key placed in its secret receptacle & the book of life amidst general rejoicing takes its place with the other volumes, representative of all those who are forever free.

Some of the books are like the small communion books the children receive when they first come before the altar to meet the Holy Spirit in grace. They were the s who came out with me & returned home unstained. Some books like your own, as guardian spirits, are as large as the great old-fashioned Bibles over which your grandparents poured.

Adjacent to this is the great library into which your book of life is placed at the close of each Earth life. This time again your signature is affixed, but it does not carry the signature of the Masters & the key is left within the lock. Any ascended being may enter this library upon request & look over the record of anyone whose particular services he wishes to enlist in a cause. The record of one's time & energy between embodiments is also entered in this book, which is drawn forth by the Lords of Karma thru one of their messengers, & studied before your petitions or summons for reincarnation takes place. This is how a master is enabled to draw certain particularly competent lifestreams around him for a given cause.

Everything at inner levels is so natural, so normal, everything follows the same law that you have here below. You have a book of life, each one of you. The Maha Chohan of course knows them all. Otherwise he would not have chosen you for his disciples. But in these books are written the sins of omission & commission as well as the good, & they all determine so much.

When for instance a master desires a dispensation for some particular lifestream, he will get in touch with the Maha Chohan & they together look over the book. The Maha Chohan, who expresses the essence of love divine, may say "Well now, I will leave it to you to bring this matter before the Lords of Karma, study the record & judge for yourself whether you should receive this grace according to the law." Of course the master seeking the favor knows instantly by looking at the book whether or not he wishes to have it read by the Lords of Karma & whether or not these great impassionate & impersonal ones will brush the request aside. The Maha Chohan however will never say, "No, don't do it," he just opens the book. He has in his library a great long table & he usually has flowers. Flowers love to live in his presence. Then if it is a very large book, as is the case with many of you, it contains pictures, & the Maha Chohan will let you teach yourself--he always opens to the page which contains the crux of the whole matter, & then he will sit back & close his eyes & he leaves you to yourself.

The Maha Chohan is so quiet. There is no pressure of his feeling, just the sense that he wants the best for you. Sometimes there are seven of us waiting, & I have seen ten or twenty masters with books open all around the great room, but I like it best when we are alone. When I have studied the book for awhile, the Maha Chohan will say, "Would you like me to bring it tomorrow--I have occasion to speak to one of the great ones?" Nine times out of ten the Maha Chohan will just wait & we hastily return the book to him & take our leave. On other occasions the Maha Chohan will ask us whether there is a question in our minds. He will never volunteer & one cannot tell, because he smiles seldom & although his eyes are large & luminous, he withdraws into himself so that the expression in them is one of introspection.

You can get nothing from the Maha Chohan's face or his aura unless you choose to use those inner powers. Sometimes we will ask him how he feels about our request, & then he never fails to say, "Well I think it is splendid, a splendid idea, a marvelous lifestream. I will tell you what I will do, I will use some of my energy upon this particular point which I feel might be a question before the Lords of Karma." That is about as far as the Maha Chohan will go. We say, "No, we know they won't pass it"--& so does the Maha Chohan, but he never fails to go into action & his service alone from that cosmic library has saved so many of the chelas in the East as well as in the West thru the centuries that I shall never cease to bless him for it.

I could continue on & on, giving you the homely, happy, daily experiences of our association one with the other, but if I can draw you together from time to time in these informal chats, I think you will begin to sense that we are individuals--I cannot say "people" in my case--but individual intelligences. They have called me the Warrior Prince because I AM sincerely determined to stop this nonsense with regard to the human veil.

Have you ever talked into the wind & had your voice blown back in your face? That is the way it feels from our realm! I have stood next to every one of you in times of crisis & with all the power & mastery of my lifestream endeavored to convey the perfect thing to you, the perfect thing to do, & nine times out of ten the thought was swept back to me thru the veil accompanied by nonsensical thoughts & feelings from your side that have no more right to existence than a horsefly.

How the students of God who believe we are real can continue to live in a cocoon, in a state of somnambulism, & leave us knocing at the door of their consciousness without endeavoring to shatter it is, to say it mildly, surprising. If somebody you loved was in danger of some sort at the other side of a nine-foot wall & you wanted to reach them badly enough, you would shatter that wall in an endeavor to get them. (Michael may mean nine-foot thick here.)

Men have waded thru raging currents to reach food in times of starvation & have put foot after foot down on burning sands that have brought blisters to their soles in order to reach an oasis for water. What men have done in the name of so-called love, destroyed homes & happiness & surmounted obstacle after obstacle to get possession of that which they thought was the ultimate.

Yet wonderful God beings, guardians of their race, slumber on, & we continue with all the love of our beings to try to reach them thru one channel after another & endeavor to stir up enough energy some place within their inner bodies to stop the creation of discord.

In India millions of holy men live in all states of dissolution & despair. Holy men on the top of every mountain, from the borders of the snowcapped Himalayas down to the warm sun of Ceylon, & what have they done toward dissolving the veil of human creation which has no right to be?

If I get you stirred up enough, you will do something about it! It is not God's will that you should sit with dimmed eyes & ears filled with nothingness amidst the glories of creation! But it is God's will that I might walk thru the door of your house, take your hand & kiss it for love of life & service. I may not be able to do more for you due to the nonreceptivity of your consciousness except that if you did see me, your feelings might accept the release, in which case limitation, ill-health, age, discord & confusion would be no more for you!

Beloved hearts, I come to bring you peace, & I must maintain that consciousness of peace, but it stirs me to the very fibers of my being to see you bound when it is so needless. I have seen you stand on the altars of Egypt, in the heart of Mexico, among the Incas, knowing & wielding the power of the sacred fire! I have seen you each one with the fire blazing out of your bodies, men & women alike! I have seen you practice the laying on of hands & seen the distorted, the cripples & the imperfect forms rise up in freedom!

I see as I look within your Causal Bodies vortices of force that can heal instantly! I can see these things, & it is inconceivable to me that you do not manifest them! I AM going to create a canopy of light around you so that the mass pressure of lethargy ceases to be the acceptance as your lot in life. You are assigned to a schoolroom on this side, then back again, & so on & on, & how far have you got? A couple of more pages written in the book, nine-tenths of which have to be erased before we can place it on the scrollof immortality! I am ashamed to even look at some of them! Man spoke truly when he said, "the moving finger writes, & having writ, moves on." (-Omar Khayyam)

It is only God in his mercy & love that chooses to take out of men's records the foolish waste of energy & time. I would like to bring one of these books here to show you, but whose? Any book I might bring everyone else whould enjoy at another's expense! But I wish you could see what you do with life. You rise in the morning, all night long the elemental kingdom has purified the atmosphere in preparation for the new day, the silver cord containing within it your own life's pattern is ceaselessly flowing thru, & you write with your thoughts & feelings a page, a chapter, & if you are energetic & vital, sometimes even a volume! At night you sign your name, close the book, sometimes you vaguely use the cleansing flame, & you are gone! This thoughtless use of life is the reason you should use this purifying glame before you sleep.

For God's sake, dear people, do not return those books to the shelves of the Maha Chohan's library each night with some of the things that are written in them! When he opens them in the Presence of your sponsor, how do you think that great one feels? But if you have used the sacred fire, you have not only consumed the record in the book but you have consumed the cause at inner levels & the tendency in your own nature as well. You are also a good bit further on the way to writing the final chapter.

You see, my beloved friends, we cannot sign the name of an ascended being to an imperfect record, over the name of the Lord of the World there could be no record of iniquity, & why should one of those beautiful ladies from the court of Kwan Yin with her own lovely hands & the use of her own heart's flame remove some of that filth & discord when you have acknowledged the sacred fire yourself?

Thru the use of the sacred fire you could condense the history of your life, if you were willing to go back to the beginning of time. You do not require all the details, just blaze the purifying flame back thru you whole lifestream. What you are today is a pretty good indication of what you have been century after century! That is our hope, when you rise up & abandon your feeling of despair!

My beloved friends, we do not wish that you should feel any sense of depression because you have not accomplished according to the standards of your own light. We have tried to show you the simple homely experiences which have been ours--& may be yours--& we are hoping that we have made it pleasant enough that you will choose to invite us again. Meantime, we want you to realize that you are the lightbearers who have carried God's illumination thru so many ages that it will be impossible for you not to release that momentum of assurance, helath, supply & confidence in full mastery when your outer mind surrenders itself to the guidance of your indwelling Christ.

Your bodies are just temples. Place them each one in their proper orbit as an instrument, of no more importance than the pen with which you write. Your creative centers of thought & feeling however are either contributing to the atmosphere of the inner realms, which we wish to become the atmosphere of Earth, or to the death shroud of a planet which Saint Germain hopes will become a brilliant star within the next twenty years. Whether mankind is ready or not, the Karmic Board has refused to accept Sanat Kumara's selfless offer to remain. If this human veil, which is invisible to the physical sight, can be removed thru the use of the sacred fire--wielded, mind you, by unascended beings--you will be able to move forward quickly in your individual service to our King.

Before I close I would ask that in the silence of your own room you make the call, three times a day if possible, for the discarnate beings, that they may be given the opportunity of entering one of those purifying temples that Saint Germain & myself are endeavoring to establish in the astral realm that not one of them may descend into the terrific hell of thought & feeling within their own darkened consciousness. In every twenty-four hour period so many souls go over, nine-tenths of whom never receive a prayer & know not of themselves what to do. If some one lifestream, or three preferably, would make the call for those unhappy ones, it would assist us tremendously, not to mention what it would do for them.

I bless & love & thank you. MICHAEL