Archangel Raphael: dictation of Dec 6, 1953 via G. Innocente:

Hail, o beloved Silent Watchers, spirits of the morning! Silent Watcher of the hope of our world, your shining wings folded, prisoners of love like unto Our Lord Sanat Kumara, choosing to abide within the atmosphere of Earth to hold sustained the momentums and powers of the sacred fire that these the guardian spirits have in fidelity, loyalty and constancy drawn forth this hour. Hail, o cherubim Lovelee within whose blazing body stands the akashic records of these My words! Hail, o shining cherubim, visitors from other realms, you who have abided happily within the auras of these children! Hail to you, beloved spirits of fire! I bow before your light, before the reverence within your feelings and I stand amazed at the capacity of incarnate spirits to sense truth and to draw and focus thru the inner vehicles of the flesh form concentrated powers which for the most part do not descend below the fourth realm (of divine purity)!

I AM privileged to be your guest and I AM hoping to give to you a little of the happiness that We enjoy in Our service and worship to life in order that you, as you set the pattern for the New Day and New Era, may intelligently comprehend that which you are doing, weaving the elements of illumined obedience into service to make a pattern which mankind will rejoice in emulating.

You beloved hearts are laying the foundation for a world order that one day will cover the planet and into which every lifestream belonging to this evolution will joyously enter. Thru that cooperative worship and service they will find their way home to their own God estate and mastery, becoming once more sons and daughters of the celestial King and Queen of Heaven!

Does it stretch your imagination to feel that simple folk should create a pattern that one day will be worldwide? Not when you look back along the course of history and remember that it is always to the simple, to the gentle, to the humble that the light has first come. Those who have laid the foundation of world religions were never fully cognizant that the cosmic impetus and rhythm directed by the powers and beings in the highest heavens thru them was rendering a service by which thousands--nay, hundreds of thousands and millions of bound souls--might again find their way home in spirit and in nature.

You have done exceedingly well! The Master St. Germain desires to bring an understanding to those who profess to love Him of the possibility of angels and men cooperating in bringing the planet Earth back to its perfect, pure and shining estate as a member of the planetary galaxy of light. Even after the glory of His Own ascension when He was no longer required to wear a garment of flesh still did He labor constantly, endeavoring to reach the consciousness of a few and infuse them with the enthusiasm which is His greatest gift. Again, again and again has He returned to the throne of the Eternal with a harvest of hope unfulfilled!

A new endeavor is born! Here is a new opportunity for service, and St. Germain stands proudly before the throne at Shamballa, able to say at last "There are men and there are women on Earth who have lived with the angels who have proved that such an association is of mutual benefit." Actions not words prove love! Gratitude is service to forward a cause, not commendation upon another's service. Thanksgiving is the pouring forth of your own qualified light and this you have done. Do you see why I bow before your light?

May I introduce Myself? I AM called the Archangel of consecration and dedication. It is My specific service to the universe to stand at the head of a glorious legion of beings who direct the ray of immortal God into those lifestreams who consecrate their life-energies to a specific humanitarian service to bless the masses. My flame and ray in this action is one with Hilarion's and its color is a lovely green. Every doctor and nurse, every priest, nun, minister and rabbi, every chela and initiate who voluntarily dedicates his or her energies to serving life comes under My particular blessing, radiation and care.

I have been given the great privilege today of describing to you the activities of My Brothers, providing for you an opportunity to feel the specific radiation of eaqch one in order that in your classwork and in the classwork which you will bring to many hundreds of thousands of people in the future you may intelligently comprehend the inner action of the law as well as the outer activity which is apparent to the mind and the senses. If you will now turn your attention with Me to the beings who represent the Archangels to your world and to your sun, I can perhaps cast the beam of My light upon them, allowing you to see the magnificence of their service to life. In turn you may be an outpost and an outpouring of each one of their great consecrated rays while you are gathered together in group activities, as well as in the daily course of your living.

There are among mankind individuals who are particularly attuned to each one of these mighty faucets of force. All of the ceremonials within the angelic kingdoms give these seven outpourings of force an opportunity to play upon the congregation, the worshippers and the particular planet or system that is receiving the directed benefits of such a group. This is true also in your world of form. From within your own causal bodies, from within your own lifestreams there flashes forth a momentum and gathered power of light when the great ceremonial angel, representing the Archangel who is closest to your own vibratory action, is pouring forth his force. Then as We move from activity to activity other individual's momentums are energized and yours perhaps are quiescent.

Now if you will hold the picture with Me I AM sure you will see what can be done thru concentration upon the Archangels, the Elohim and the mighty Chohans and all who work hand in hand when Their ray is focused and directed, invoked and expanded. I AM sure you will have the pleasure that comes thru illumination of consciousness. That is Our endeavor! In the future, beloved ones, it will not be impossible for a member of Our kingdom or the ascended master kingdom from time to time to conduct these great classes themselves. This morning thru your sweet energies, your cooperation and St. Germain's assurance that if it can be done, you will do it, We are going to make such an attempt!

May I introduce first My beloved Brother Chamuel, Archangel of adoration! His service and outpouring is adoration to God, to His messengers, His angels, the devas and all the powers who minister to mankind and to the Earth! His flame is pink and the great chohan who works with Him is the beloved Paul the Venetian. When Our activity at inner levels begins each member of the celestial choir, the angelic host and the worshipping congregation send forth together the pink flame and ray. As the beloved Chamuel leads the adoration to God the Father and His beings of light, it joins together in the upward sweep of an arc of energy from both the audience and the officiants. As you give your adoration if you will feel My beloved Brother Chamuel and the great outpouring of the pink flame surging forth from you toward Him--then from His great cosmic heart back to you and thru this city--I AM sure you will understand something of His gift of adoration to life. (song)

The beloved Zadkiel, My Brother, represents the Archangel of invocation--the concentrated power of invocation! With Him works the Master St. Germain. As the adoration rises upward from the heart of the angelic host the great invocation draws back the blessing and outpouring of the particular being or group of beings who are to render the service of the hour. That tremendous radiation as released thru the beloved Zadkiel and beloved St. Germain in the power of invocation is felt every time you give a worded decree, every time you call with intensity and power for the release of an expansion of God's light from above. We will call forth that power thru the song to this beloved Archangel Zadkiel. (song) You will see, beloved ones, what momentum is and the response of the violet flame in invocation, how powerfully it is felt and how tremendously it is anchored thru those calls. That is the momentum which has made you individually and collectively the hope of the world. Asking your indulgence in order to hold the peace within the room if you will stand just for these few moments, I shall quickly endeavor to cover the outline of Our service.

The consecration and that dedication of the lifestream of the angels, the devas, the masters and those who represent the worshipping group carry My outpouring to them thru the green ray. If you will feel for a moment that individual consecration of your lifestream to God, I AM sure you can accept the service which is Mine to give. Visualize that light flowing freely from the heart of the universe, animating every one of your inner bodies. Now consciously consecrate your minds and bodies to receive the divine ideas of the Father, your feelings to radiate that which is helpful, constructive and good, your etheric body to record only perfection, your garment of flesh to manifest health and harmony, your eyes thru which God Himself may see perfection and you as individuals may see opportunity to call forth the law and bless all life, your ears to hear the harmonies of the inner light, the voice of the master and the call for assistance from your fellowman, your lips to form the words that carry the hope and faith and confidence of Heaven into the consciousnesses that are bound, your hands to heal, your feet to walk upon the path as directed by the Universal God that made you, your heart to be the chalic3e of the sacred fire and your whole being consecrated and dedicated to God's service. This is My activity and My service to life. (song to Raphael)

The beloved Jophiel, Archangel of illumination, that mighty being who teaches the angels, also comes at the moment when the great master or presiding individual directs into the outer consciousness of the audience thru spoken word the purpose of the service or the words which illumine the consciousness. (song to Jophiel)

The beloved Gabriel, Archangel of visitation, whom you have known as the announcer, comes at the instant of the visitation, at the moment of the elevation of your cup when the Archangels, masters and great beings gather in response to your call. He directs into your consciousness as He did to that of Mary the immaculate concept of your own Godhood, that which you should externalize and be! Will you feel for a moment the power of His directed flame and as you sing those beautiful words to the immaculate conception, I AM sure you will feel the fulfillment of it as Mary did on that fresh spring morning when Gabriel in His remembrance of a promise made to Her before She left the heavenly King said "Hail thou Mary full of Grace. The Lord is with Thee!" Thou spirits of fire incarnate! The divine image of your own electronic pattern is within you! May you grasp it, accept it and become one with it, throwing off the concepts that have made these limited, aging forms. Will you feel Gabriel's radiation thru the song "Immaculate Conception"? Immaculate conception from God's Own blazing heart,/ We now accept Thy glory/ O! from us never part!/ In Thee we're free from shadows/ That lead mankind astray,/ We accept Thy perfection/ In Love's most perfect way! (tune: "The Church Has One Foundation") (song to Gabriel) The beloved Serapis works closely with Gabriel and also with the divine image of your own Holy Christ Self. That is the reason why He stood sponsor for the first two thousand and later the million lifestreams.

Now we come to your beloved friend Lord Michael, Archangel of protection, Our own great Prince and Lord, the guardian and protector of angels and of men. Thru the blue flame and ray of power He closely works with the Master Morya, and thru you beloved ones, guarding the concepts not only of your own Christ Self but of this whole endeavor.

Once before a temple of guardian power to Lord Michael was manifest on Earth. Once before the reputation of the guardian spirits within this temple that pulsates in the ethers over your city (NYC) was known all over the world. Ofttimes in a flash of fire their response saved from destruction a whole continent that was rumbling and shaking, ready to sink beneath the waves. A flash of protective fire like a great fiery hand rushing forth from this temple in response to the call from a priest or priestess in a local unit has done that service. It can be done again! You do not know what you build! At this time if you will sing to Lord Michael the great and mighty one and feel the power within that temple and within this room, you will feel His radiation and blessing. (song) Thank you, beloved ones.

As we close our service in these Temples of the Sun and as the benediction is sung, the great beings who have gathered, countless in number, are released by the presiding master. They go north and south and east and west. They are dedicated by the beloved Uriel, Archangel of ministration and the beloved Master Jesus on the purple and gold ray. They carry the blessing of the ministering power unto all mankind. As I release those angels may you feel the power of the benediction from Uriel, Jesus and beloved Mary. Beloved ones, feel these beings now who have gathered your energies and light, carrying them everywhere to the mankind which needs assistance.

O beloved Brothers, beloved Sisters, angels, Archangels and powers of light! For your ministry today We thank you! Speed Thee forth now in the name of the Universal God--north and south and east and west! Carry the energies that We have brought. Carry the precious energies of these children of Earth yet incarnate and blanket our planet round with healing, with peace, with illumination! Give unto mankind, everyone everywhere, that which the spirit needs most to set it free. (song to Uriel)

Beloved friends, may I say that as the activities which are to come forth as the sevenfold radiation are woven into the energies of the blessed students, you will see a tremendous balancing of the seven bodies and the seven ganglionic centers within the physical form, because the predominant vibration of your own flame and ray will be equalized by those qualities which you need most. It is one reason why the sevenfold nature of God is developed thru all who serve Him, thru the Elohim and the Suns, thru the Archangels and Chohans, thru your own bodies and thru the organism within your flesh form. There is a great opportunity before you to weave your energies into these patterns which bring into the atmosphere of Earth Those who for many centuries have dwelt within the great silence.

Do you know what it means for someone like My Brothers Zadkiel and Chamuel to have Their names even thought of by unascended beings? Do you know what it meant to Us when We first heard the melody in which Our seven names were incorporated rising from unascended beings' hearts? Then to have the joy of hearing it rendered so beautifully this morning!<> I assure you We shall be much closer to the people of Earth in the future because of your own alertness and because of your calls. In the coming year as the beloved Brother Morya and the gracious Queen of Heaven Our beloved Mary set into action these gifts and these opportunities with which They intend to bless you, I too shall come very close into your atmosphere. Beloved Mary and I have worked together for many many centuries, long before I walked with Her in those fateful days when She bore the beloved Jesus and raised Him. She and I have had an association that stretches back thru the first incarnation which She knew on this Earth. Thank you for your patience! Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for your love!