Mother Mary dictated to Geraldine Innocente in 1954:

Beloved children, I come to bring to you My love & gratitude for your deep interest in life & to endeavor thru conveyed consciousness to show you ways & means by which your individual worlds might again be set in divine order. I do this that you may find yourselves conductors of that Presence of God which mentally you have accepted as filling this universe, but which requires the confirmation of your feelings to be ever active thru you into this world of form.

In a measure each of you is a bridge conducting the consciousness of the inner realms into the world of form & acting as mediators between the fullness of God & the intelligences which represent Him & the mass mind.

Mankind may rebel all they wish at the necessity for mediation between the fullness of the Godhead & the outer consciousness. However, the law of life & the intelligence that govern the great universal scheme of creation have provided these step-down transformers in mercy. This is done so that those who voluntarily & consciously descended into the pit might have a chain of energy over which the blessings, the mercy & the very spiritual life may flow. In time over such a chain of energy when the voluntary energies of their own worlds so desire they may ascend again into their rightful estate & assume their places as sons & daughters of the Most High Living God.

Even as the spider weaves out of his body the web & uses it as a means of transportation to & fro, so is the bridge of life energy woven out of the very essence of divinity. It is carrieed by the Messengers & the lifestreams who may have only a partial connection with the realm of perfection in order to infiltrate the consciousness, stimulate a love for truth & wherever possible act as instruments of faith by which works may be manifest.

Each of you has developed certain momentums that make you conductors for specific qualities that represent the nature of God. These momentums are your individual & voluntary gift to life. They are the treasures stored up in heaven. They are that part of you which We can use to externalize Our work & service in the world of form. They are the only part of any lifestream with which We are concerned. It is Our desire at all times to emphasize & externalize more & more of the nature of God thru the leaven in the individual lifestream. This leaven may be faith, purity, peace, happiness, or it may be a momentum of teaching or healing. These examples are just to give you a bird's-eye picture, you might say, of the way We in the Hierarchy work in drawing around Ourselves certain lifestreams who We feel can best serve the divine plan in cooperation with Our life. We then endeavor to connect Our energies with these individuals thru whatever means are at hand.

We connect Our energies with mankind by radiation thru the contemplation by your blessed selves in thinking upon Our Presence. We also connect Our radiation with your consciousness thru the spoken word at the rare intervals when life allows Us this privilege. In every instance every perfected being who lives within the Kingdom contacts unascended beings solely to expand the borders of the Kingdom, to expand the radiation of perfection & to draw more light & more of the God gifts into this world of form, into the subtle realm which forms the atmosphere of your planet.

My service to life has been connected with the creation of the heart thru which the sacred fire is focused into the physical appearance world, giving identity & being to a personality for a time. It is an interesting service that perhaps can be elaborated upon. You use it yourselves in this activity to create a heart-center made up of living cells, living intelligent beings having free will. However, this is different from the heart made up of intelligent energy sworn to obedience which is the physical heart of an individual.

When the lifestream is given the grant of securing a new earthbody & when the Lords of Karma have passed on it, that lifestream is drawn into My Temple. Together We look over the substance & energy which the soul has used oh perhaps thru aeons of time. This is the personal heritage endowed by nature to that soul to form the envelope in which it must function.

As I have said before, We endeavor first to fashion from elemental substance the heart which is the chalice for the immortal Threefold Flame of Life. The heart cells in the physical body are the most highly developed of the elemental substances that make up the physical form because in the course of their service to life they require more resistance & more durability in order to stand the beat which gives life to the physical body. Therefore, from among all the elemental substance which will form the flesh garment the most highly developed electrons are used in the heart. These are drawn into the body of the prospective mother & become part of the flesh of her form, even before conception takes place. Then thru that marvelous intelligence of the Builders of Form, the heart cells belonging to the new soul are segregated from the body of the mother, always discarding the substance which is of the parent. In this way the substance which is of the new soul makes this exquisite chalice enfolding the Threefold Flame of Life.

It is such a beautiful, mathematical & scientifically accurate process that I would love to show you in pictures on a screen the precision with which the Builders of Form magnetize the substance belonging to the incoming soul & cast off again, again & again one cell out of every two, until this heart is formed.

In exactly the same measure & manner the cells that are to form the spiritual heart of a community, a movement, a great nation, a planet, a universe or galaxy are selected from the lifestreams who have developed the greatest endurance & the greatest purity. These have earned thru the ages of time the privilege & honor of forming the canopy of protection around the sacred fire which is to be drawn forth & expanded for the blessing of the masses.

From the great body of mankind there are not available too many cells that can be used for a spiritual heart. From within the spiritually attuned & elect We find seven distinct types of individual momentums & consciousness which could be utilized in the seven ganglionic centers of the spiritual body of the Christ. These people respond to the impetus of a new activity. They know that they are destined, you might say, to become a part of some vital organ in a great current endeavor, whehter it be a world movement or a local political activity. In that response they sometimes apply for a position within the heart, although they belong to another center. The same spiritual segregation goes on constantly, drawing in the heart cells, purifying them, fitting them one by one into their perfect place, then endeavoring harmoniously if possible to draw the other cells into their own vital organism.

This is the activity in which you are engaged today, beloved ones. More or less, you are the substance being formed by the hands & hearts of intelligences greater than your own. In this great scheme of things each one has his perfect place. We who can see have designed so carefully the creation of the spiritual heart. This will be the supplier of the energies to vitalize this great spiritual body that is to be the Cosmic Christ of the future, made up of everyone of the ten billion souls destined to incarnate & develop mastery on the Earth.

The creation of a heart is the most crucial point in the creation of a physical organism. it is also a most crucial point in the creation of a spiritual organization. It requires tremendous application upon the part of each & every lifestream who has been summoned by the law & who has been even loosely fitted into the design.

As I have been honored this year by being given opportunity to reach the masses, I AM also honored by the opportunity of working with those of you who choose to see the design behind the seeming chaos & confusion. As My own momentum allows & the wisdom of My centuries of forming hearts permits, I shall endeavor to help you in your task.

In the physical body if at the time of gestation the cells that are to form the seven great centers might not polarize properly or are not held within their orbit perfgectly, you have a physical instrument of incarnation that is defective in one or many ways.

The spiritual sorting is essential before We can expand the endeavor to raise & redeem the masses & purify all discordantly qualified functions in the spiritual body of the race.

We are in a secret & sacred time, a time when I Myself, remembering My own experience, suggest that you ponder these things in your heart. Pray on them, ask the grace of your own Christ Self to illumine them to you & then strain not, but endeavor to be the best cell that you can in your appointed place.

I have thought it would be a pleasurable gift to life this year to endeavor to record some of the heretofore unchronicled experiences of Our life in Judea. From time to time as opportunity permits, I shall bring to your remembrance certain of these homely pictures & scenes.

Prior to the great initiation of Our blessed Jesus We used to sit together in comparative privacy in those few moments We sometimes had when there were no demands for assistance from the public. We talked about the ways & means by which We could best perpetuate the truth, preserve the clarity of Jesus' message & give it to posterity as a workable law.

During the years of My Son's life I dedicated Myself almost entirely to the holding of that immaculate God-concept for Him. I did not engage in any extraneous services except those required of My household. I endeavored to live in a state of constant contemplation of His divine manhood, emphasizing His mastery thru the pressure of My own concentrated thought & feeling. After the blessed Joseph was removed from the screen of life I felt a double responsibility in the holding of this immaculate concept. I can tell you sincerely that it was not without much personal regret that I parted from the great strength, the quiet serenity & dignity of Joseph to walk that path more or less alone. However, the law of life & the Lords of Karma determined it to be so & when His mission was accomplished He like all the others before Him folded His robes about Him & returned into the heart of the Father. It was My opportunity to remain.

Sometimes Jesus & I would sit together in the evening & talk over the various points that were to be emphasized thru His ministry. More than once We discussed the necessity of passing thru the appearance of death in order to prove the immortality of life & that man thru his own consciousness might transcend death & master a garment which to all intents & appearances had lost its vitality.

In the retreat where this initiation takes place (as at Luxor) it is comparatively easy for the highly trained initiate to withdraw the senses from contact with the world about him & suspend the breath so that to all intents & purposes the body is "dead". However, to perform this act consciously amid hundreds of vicious & uncontrolled consciousnesses is an initiation of a different sort! Yet the outer consciousness is such that unless mankind themselves actually performed & executed the death sentence, they would never have believed that the resurrection was authentic & that it was not the trick of a fakir or a manifestation of hypnosis.

I will tell you frankly, neither Jesus nor Myself relished the necessity of having Him pass thru this great service to life. When He did ask that that cup be taken from Him, it was because none, ascended or unascended, knew for a certainty that victory would be assured thru a public demonstration. You see, thru such a demonstration all of the astral & psychic viciousness that had accumulated since the fall of man was directed thru those embodied individuals who allowed themselves to be used as pawns of that force. They acted it out on the screen of life endeavoring to destroy the serenity & equanimity of the initiate. Not only the pitiful masses who open themselves to those forces but the far more subtle & powerful influences that wished to destroy the victory of that mission were something with which to be reckoned.

From the time that the first so-called miracle at Cana placed Jesus' name before the people, thru the days of Golgotha, I made a perpetual novena. I spent hours, every available moment that I was not attending to the necessities to keep Our bodies alive, in contemplation & in prayer for the fulfillment of the victory of the resurrection thru Him.

Luke was a physician & had been privately initiated by Jesus in some of the subtle activities connected with healing. Yet He would often say, "I do not believe it can be done!" However, as you know it was done beautifully with the assistance of the Maha Chohan & the beloved friends, ascended & otherwise. The memory & the glory of that experience remain to this day!

I speak of this only because you might wonder why We did not plan more for the future. Our minds & hearts were more or less concentrated on making this mission so dynamically & positively impressed upon & imbedded in the consciousness of the people that somehow We didn't think too far beyond the resurrection morning. Those of you who were close by in those years know that the mission of Jesus was deeply recorded in the etheric bodies which you carry, also the victories & the miracles recorded in writing the books of the Bible which have been a pattern for the people up to the present day. These records are to be revivified now & brought forth as a positive proof of His truths & His great cosmic service to life.

However, as We drew closer to that final pageant, Jesus & I decided between Us that I should return to Bethany. You see, in Bethany We knew almost the only happiness during those difficult days. We knew home there. We knew the sweetness of the flowers & the joy of friendship that was untouched by desire for personal gain. We used to sit there & just rejoice in the Presence of God & of each other.

Jesus said: "Mother, in Bethany I think You & those who will remain can best live out those years yet allotted You. If the law permits, I shall visit you there from time to time & to the best of My ability convey to You & those of My heart friends the laws which will strengthen & assist You to help the people."

So, on that day at Calvary when the hours of trial were accomplished, John & I walked down that hill. Remembering Our blessed Jesus' admonition, John took Me back to Bethany & the other disciples joined Us there shortly after Easter morning. There We had the exquisite association with each other in the forty days before the Ascension, which time was given Us by the Karmic Board as a grant of mercy. If the disciples & the heartsore believers had been denied that association of the mystical Presence of Jesus for those forty days, I think they could not have held the faith! The resurrection morn was a very small instant. It could have been conjured up out of hope, but for forty long days We had a visitation every day! Sometimes We had just minutes, sometimes an hour with Our Beloved & so the ascension day was not as difficult a parting as was Good Friday.

The story of Our stay in Bethany & how We devised the plan to set the Christian Era into action I AM going to endeavor to draw forth for you as quickly as time will permit & your energies allow Me the freedom to enter your worlds. It is a pleasant recital, a happy & peaceful one! It is about a time when Jesus did come--o yes! very often--& talked with Us, a time when We recorded many truths, a time when Peter, James & John wrote gospels that remain hidden to this day! They will one day come forth as the mystical & inner teachings of the Christ. My story is also about a time when healings were manifested--o in a simple & unostentatious way perhaps, a time when those who loved My Son chose to embody His teachings in learning the intricacies of mystical healing. At that time I also wrote certain treatises for posterity which I hope to bring to your attention at a later date. This was a time when ages yet unborn were unfolded before Us, from the free heart & spirit of the one We called Master & Friend. Bethany will always hold a place in My heart & the hearts of all who were a part of it there.

This morning I have come primarily to bring you peace, beloved ones, to confirm the ascended masters' faith in your light, to confirm the trust & belief of the Brotherhood in your spiritual integrity & to tell you each one that you are precious beyond words in the sight of God. This may seem of very little import to human senses, but the registration of the outer thoughts & feelings of the people is no measure for that which is God-confirmed.

Beloved children, it is a beautiful thing to look at hearts you fashioned thirty, forty, fifty years ago & see them so little changed, in many cases, to see the crystal light having raised the vibratory action of every cell. It is a beautiful thing when one gives a lovely piece of handiwork to any of God's children & finds it sustained in grace, often burnished by the light & fire of suffering until it is a more beautiful chalice. One day when you lay these bodies down & carry the replica of that heart into the Halls of Karms it will be lovely to see it with the light shining thru, containing within it the harvest of your service in all your embodiments. I for One AM looking forward to that day with great joy. Thank you & God bless you!