Mother Mary: Memoir # 5,
dictated to G. I.

Beloved children, do you know that today is an anniversary? Today is the anniversary of that first Good Friday when I was given the marvelous opportunity of becoming Mother of each one of you, Mother of every soul belonging to this evolution, Mother of every precious aspiring spirit belonging to the evolutions of this planet. Thru this opportunity it is my privilege to love, to care for each one, enfolding them in that personalized radiation of interest & solicitude of motherhood until all have attained their full mastery in the light!

That first Good Friday morning I walked alone up a dreary hillside the Mother of one & walked down a few hours later the Mother of millions! Was that not an opportunity? Was it not a crowning glory rather than a sorrow? Good Friday changed me from a woman with individual interests to a cosmic Mother of all souls so dear to the heart of God & I shall always remember it thus! It is always so in one's experience, when you give that which is most dear to you returning it to the universal in accordance with God's will though it tear your heart! The return from God is most generous in its blessings in that where before there was one most precious there is born the love for the many!

How shall I describe to you, my dear ones, the exaltation of soul when consciousness & feelings are lifted up & your arms become the everlasting arms that enfold all consciousnesses that belong to this Earth with the same intensity of purpose that you have held for the one or the few? My ministry & experience is a magnificent example of this because by the very nature of the service that Jesus was to perform I was required to take an initiation to perfect myself upon one-pointedness & concentration of my energy, my substance, my protection & my life around that single lifestream. By the very importance of the cosmic moment I was not allowed to let my attention wander. Then in an instant that one was removed who was the focus of my attention, of all my life, all my love & solicitude, all the nights of sleepless prayer, all the days of constant calling to God for help, & then I received the command from the heart of the great Father of All to expand that solicitude to encompass the many, all at once!

Beloved ones, witness the wisdom of the great law in building a momentum! That great law drew the power of concentration, of love & selflessness, of purity & determination, building of it a concentrated focus that on a cosmic instant the flame from the heart of the universal struck into that momentum, expanded it & made it worldwide & world-engulfing!

Witness the kindness of the law to leave no vacuum, no emptiness, not even one moment of desolation before the Spirit of the One gave the command: "Mother, behold thy children!" & "Children, behold thy Mother!" The moment those words were spoken the flame within my heart expanded & in the relinquishing of the spirit of Jesus into the bosom of the eternal Father I was filled with that great radiation of love for all!

O the kindness of God, the mercy of life, in that hour of our initiation! I can speak with authority when I say to you, you are never, never, never alone! That which you build so humbly in your daily hourly living is forming a focus which at a particular moment can be expanded as was mine. A series of apparently humble daily experiences into which all energies of my bodies were poured builded a form that was to be for me my strength, my balance & my sanity in the hour of my need. So you also build your strength in the quietness of the days before the release of the opportunity which will be your indivudal destiny. No man knows when that hour comes, for each one it is different. For me it was at Calvary! For you each one a great cosmic climax to your Earth's experiences will occur & then the mercy of the great universal First Cause, blessing you, will sustain you thru to your victory.

It was required of me to stand guard fully conscious on that hillside thruout those hours of Jesus' crucifixion. I thought you might care to know of what I was thinking while I kept watch there. I stood & held the immaculate conception of Life Eternal within my consciousness endeavoring to duplicate in the physical body the initiation thru which I had passed victoriously before Jesus & I took embodiment. I stood there & held the concentrated Christ Focus of the Resurrection Flame for my son & to do this I concentrated all of my energies on a happy pattern of our life experiences.

I began thinking back to the council in which Lord Maitreya in his great mercy & kindness offered me the opportunity of holding the immaculate concept of the divine man against the pressures of initiation. During that initiation the spiritual winds blew & the pressures of thought & feeling from within me as well as those directed at me by the Brotherhood tried to break my line of thought, my pattern of thinking & feeling to allow the intrusion of other ideas, even good ones, on the visualization of the perfect image which I was holding. I remembered the sweet voice of Lord Maitreya giving the blessing, saying, "It is well, Mary. However, remember that the winds you have felt, the pressures you have known in the full freedom of your inner bodies are as naught before those you will feel exuding from the consciousness of mankind who in impurity, selfishness, bigotry & viciousness will drive at you, at your spouse & at your child after the mission is begun!"

Standing in the winds of Calvary's hilltop looking at the greed in the consciousness of those who loved & enjoyed the spectacle, I remembered well those words & I held with every fiber & cell of my being to that immaculate concept of the Resurrected Risen Breathing Christ. With every cell & atom of my being I called to Lord Maitreya, to beloved Vesta, to beloved Helios, to beloved Gabriel & to every one who had given me assistance. "O God! o God! o God!" I prayed. "Help me now in the physical appearance world wearing the garment of flesh, part of the mental & emotional body of this Earth, help me to hold this immaculate concept thru these hours."

I sensed the response from the heart of the sun, I saw the Presence of Vesta, I saw above Jesus the luminous shining Presence of Lord Maitreya, I felt the wingspread of Gabriel's kindly & luminous Presence, I knew friends, friends that are yours today just for the asking!

Then I thought of a winter night long ago & a simple stable. I thought too of Joseph, my loving husband, & my heart went out to him. Within myself I cried: "O Joseph! Joseph! Were it but possible that you could be here with me today! Were it but possible that the strength of your light could sustain me now as I hold the concept athat we so happily held thru Jesus' growing years to this day! O that it were possible for you to stand with me now as we stood so often at the doorway of our home & visualized & witnessed this innocent form growing to mastery." Joseph was there with me in spirit of course! Friends of light, friends that build the bonds that last for eternity, some of you were there with us then, some of you here remember that day!

I thought also of the long tedious ride into Egypt, of the sleepless nights when we fled before the soldiers of Herod, of our coming into a strange land, of the entrance into the temple to which we returned in our later years. All of these memories I summoned up from within my etheric body keeping my mind busy upon the plan & pattern of perfection, holding to every happiness, every memory that blotted out the appearance of the hour. In time as I continued to hold that immaculate concept undisturbed, its perfect work was done & I became the marvelously blessed Receiver of the Souls of Men.

Filled with an inner peace & exaltation, I walked with John down that hill & out of Jerusalem. "Ah," I thought, "Jerusalem, fickle city! Just one week ago the Hosannas rang, yet three days hence thou art destined to be the stage for a drama remembered for ages. The temples shall have fallen, the decayed walls broken & voices which were raised in the call for the crucifixion shall be stilled." In peace John & I walked to Bethany & there we remained until the days were accomplished & the resurrection was fact. My Son Triumphant visiting us thereafter established a focus for the Christian Dispensation & there we abode for thirty long years until I was privileged to receive my summons & join the celestial group of beings who have come home "to go out no more."

Well, it is done & it is written! There are so many lifestreams who contributed to the wealth of our love in that life. Among them are the beloved angels, beloved Gabriel & Michael, beloved Joseph, beloved John, Peter & James as well as many of you in this room today. In our free state we have not forgotten you, dear ones. Bless your hearts, you are all my children! You know, I have a momentum of holding that immaculate concept but what I did for Jesus I have now vowed before God to do for all ten billion souls of Earth walking the pathway home. I AM doing this now for each one with the same intensity with which I held it for my beloved son. Ah, the crucifixion is not over as long as any man, woman or child is in pain. The individual crucifixion of every son & daughter of man is not so great compared to our experience, but I promise you that by my faith, my one-pointedness, my ability to hold that vision for you each of you shall be set free! Thank you, beloved ones, for accepting my promise. The feeling of acceptance bursting forth from your heartflame is your freedom! Even while you believe that your individual cross is heavy, even while you believe that the nails in your hands & feet are painful, I AM seeing the resurrected living Christ of each of you bursting from the tomb of your human consciousness. I AM seeing that Christ stand forth transformed as I did for my son on the hill of Golgotha.

Can you withstand that vision, that hope, that faith? Ah, no! You know, a mother cannot be convinced that her child is not worthwhile. No real mother can accept even in the face of physical action proof in fact that her child is not good at heart for within herself she knows the perfection of his real Self. For you all I stand before the Sun in heaven, I stand in the Halls of Karma before the Karmic Board, I stand before every being, power, force, virtue, law & activity of the Universal One & refuse acceptance of the ability or capacity of any lifestream to sustain evil indefinitely. My light & my love shall draw forth the good from within all lifestreams as my light & love thru Jesus did draw forth his mastery! (Audience arose to express gratitude.) Thank you, beloved ones, & won't you please be seated?

If there is one thing in this world I love to do it is to make life comfortable. You know, in our activities of healing thru the temples I always instruct the devas & the brothers & sisters who assist me to first make the energies of the physical bodies as comfortable as possible. You see, the consciousness is not receptive to healing or any grace or virtue while the body is resentful or in discomfort. Therefore I would advise you individually to make your bodies as comfortable as possible but in an alert & positive way, not in lethargy! Then you will receive the blessing that is ours to give.

We are in a cosmic moment today & just briefly I wish to speak to you about it, asking for the contribution of your energies. As I have told you previously, it is my privilege to create the physical heart for each child that is to take on a physical embodiment. The Temple of the Sacred Heart in which both Jesus & I work is dedicated to drawing around the soul that substance which will make the sacred heart the tabernacle of the immortal Threefold Flame of Life. We use the most perfect substance of the lifestream to create that heart.

At this time all seven of the great Lords of Karma are present in the Halls of Karma & to them is being presented the soul of every lifestream who can be admitted to incarnation on the Earth plane within the next 12-month period. From these souls presented the Karmic Board will choose those who are to have opportunity to reembody. For every soul chosen two will be denied. That is the law.

Under the ordinary activities of life heretofore, the choice has been made without regard to the preponderance of spiritual lifestreams. It is made quite impersonally. However, now beloved Master Morya & other interested masters have evolved the idea of asking the Lords of Karma for the opportunity of bringing into embodiment spiritually awakened people who will take the vow of obedience to beloved Sanat Kumara before they incarnate. These people will then work thruout this current period to set themselves free, to bring an understanding of the Great White Brotherhood to mankind at large, to cooperated with the ascended masters & the will of God & to serve life generally. This petition was presented by beloved Serapis Bey last evening for which I AM eternally grateful to him. Your decrees, your songs, your calls to the Great Karmic Board for the granting of this petition will bear great weight & we are hoping by this coming Sunday to have some answer from that august body. May I digress here for a moment? You see, our love for Serapis Bey is very great. As head of the Luxor Brotherhood in Egypt he gave both Jesus & myself great assistance. Previous to the public ministry of beloved Jesus, my son & I returned to Egypt & we spent three years at Luxor. At this time we both became masters of the final initiation which is the particular interest of the Luxor Retreat, the conscious removal of the current of life from the body & the returning of it again thru controlled breath. This was done to prepare us for Jesus' supreme test. Being so very close to my son I also took the initiation so that my consciousness might be one with his during that experience.

Just to show you the immensity of the program, there are over three hundred million souls applying for reembodiment! That may seem alot to you but remember there are around seven billion souls always waiting at the gates of birth! At the present time there are in the neighborhood of three billion souls incarnated. The law is that approximately one-third of the ten beillion souls belonging to this planet are in embodiment on the Earth at one time, while the other two-thirds are out of embodiment living in the inner realms. So three hundred million is not such a large percentage of seven billions. The entire seven billions are scheduled to come thru the gates of birth before the current 20-year period is up. You can see this is a tremendous task.

At this time the three hundred million are moving in a slow procession before the Lords of Karma. These must be sorted out, separated according to consciousness & examined. This examination is performed in groups where the consciousness is not illumined enough to allow them to go into bodies spiritually awakened. However, this is done individually where the lifestream is spiritually awakened & where they are to be of potential service to the race. If the petition of beloved Serapis is passed then there will be a meeting in the month of May when these people will be offered opportunity at inner levels to take the oath of obedience to beloved Sanat Kumara. This should be a magnificent activity if it is accomplished. If you people in the outer world will have your classes at the time this is done we are bound to feel gratitude of the great law. From now until Sunday if you can find time & energy to use, if you will make the calls for dispensations from the Karmic Board to allow into embodiment only spiritually evolved souls, it will help the Earth tremendously.

Then of course there will be the great need for calls for these incoming souls because as you see they will be more advanced spiritually than their parents. If the advanced lifestreams are given the preponderance of vote there will not be enough sufficiently illumined parents to guide & guard them so we will have to ask for purification & illumination of consciousness in the homes into which these new children come. I thank you so much for your interest in this very important matter.

Now this morning as your attention has been turned to our blessed Jesus & to myself I bring to you our love & gratitude for your depth of feeling, your magnificent harmony & for this exquisite forcefield. It is a lovely thing to be welcomed & the welcome in your feelings which you have given to those of us who are ministering to you makes possible the radiation we pour to mankind everywhere today. Thank you & good morning! MARY

Mother Mary: Memoir #6 excerpt,
dictated to G. I.

...Spiritual pride is one of the most subtle of the tests as well as one of the most subtle of the sins manifest in individuals who are walking the path above the mass mind. Spiritual pride is often manifested in using the lips to convey to others private heart experiences which should be pondered & developed within self. Thru radiation these should be made manifest in works & not words. I say this with very great kindness, beloved ones, because in the beginning of spiritual development your inner faculties are very tender. They are like the first shoots of a plant above the surface of the Earth in springtime & they require the protection of great wisdom & solicitude. I tell you no one loves the growth, development & expansion of your own light in the unascended realm as much as yourself. In enthusiasm, in spiritual zeal or subtle pride when you endeavor to share newly experienced ecstasies you not only lose the benefit within yourself but you arouse jealousies & unhappy feelings in others. These often keep a very promising shoot from developing & maturing to a point where your words need not confirm your spirituality but rather your very being & radiation, the very perfume of the developed quality, radiation or gift is manifest to all.

I myself passed thru that test when beloved Gabriel spoke to me. I shall never forget the hour of his coming when he conveyed to me the truth that thru my body would come the physical form of beloved Jesus who would be the Messiah. It was required of me to tell no man, to ponder this confidence & to keep it in my heart. I did this for many many months. Even after the birth of the baby even thru our flight into Egypt, even thru his early growing years though the pride of a mother might seek to tell the priests of the temple that they should be careful of such a sacred & beautiful baby, the wisdom of the law was such that I could not do this. I could not subject his tender self to the energies that would be unleashed were my lips to even intimate that which I knew within my heart. Joseph & I often talked together about this as we watched him play but we told no one else. Jesus told you from within his own consciousness he drew forth remembrance of his own great guru Lord Maitreya. He himself told no man! he grew & truly waxed strong. When he had returned from his visit to India where he had received from the Divine Director those certain currents & those certain affirmations which were required to set him free, it was not necessary for him to speak! He was the Christ! John the Baptist proclaimed it & all men & women of spiritual strength in Judea knew it!

Then another great sin, another most subtle activity attacked him. This was the subtle type of sin that destroyed the Temple of Atlantis & Lemuria--spiritual arrogance. Arrogance of priesthood who versed in the letter of the law (having lost love of the law thru their spiritual "superiority") helped to destroy the Christ manifestation to all outer appearance. So it is in the life of every man. He progresses up the path, comes out of darkness into light, accepts the masters & walks forth. Then subtle tests endeavor to destroy that for which he has labored for ages. May the God of Light & Life keep you each one humble in your knowledge as you receive more & more understanding of the law. May you have a greater & greater comprehension of powers that act in the inner realms. As you begin to draw forth thru your own body those miracles & marvels of manifestations of light may your humility increase, your love intensify, your selflessness manifest until there is nothing between you & the Ascended Christ Presence at the hour of your complete victory. Then your ascension is at hand!

As the great ones are now bringing the beloved incoming souls before the Karmic Board, the Lords of Karma have chosen to stand while the lady masters, beloved Meta & myself are also drawing here prospective parents of all those who will be privileged to bring these children into birth. As they stand thus & as I send my call to the Karmic Board may I request that you please join with me in asking for the relief & release of these lifestreams from karma of every kind before they come into embodiment. I shall now make my petition to the Karmic Board, which you might care to hear.

"Lords of Karma! Beloved Ladies & Gentlemen of the Karmic Board! I Mary, Mother of the children of Earth, who fashions the heart of every lifestream that takes embodiment stand before you now on behalf of those about to take incarnation within this 12-month period. I have stood in the Sacred Heart Temple with these spirits. I have looked upon their karma builded thru ages. I have fashioned with my own hands out of the very best of the essence which body elementals could offer the sacred heart of each one. I say to you, o merciful Lords of love & light, the garments which they must wear are not fitting for gods & goddesses! They are not fitting for beautiful spiritual beings who within the course of this next 18-year period will endeavor to set free the Lord of the World Sanat Kumara.

"The mistakes & sins of many ages have been written deeply into the energies of their etheric bodies & into those flesh garments that would be woven by builders of form within the mothers of the race. On behalf of these spirits about to take embodiment, those who had the spiritual honor (in May 1954) of standing before the great Sanat Kumara himself & in my own Presence pledging the Threefold Flame of Life a vow of obedience, I petition you. As they have taken that vow & as a balance for that voluntary bending of the knee, humbling of their pride, acceptance in freedom of their inner bodies of the existence & Presence of the spiritual hierarchy, I make the request this night for good, whole, clean, pure flesh bodies for these children. I ask for bodies with eyes too pure to behold iniquity, with lips which will speak only words of love & light, with limbs firm & strong, with bodies as living temples thru which blaze love & light, with brains well balanced to received directions of the Christ Self, with every organ in its perfect place & in perfect functioning order.

"I ask this in the name of life & in the name of the Ascended Jesus Christ. I AM willing to offer on the altar of the Karmic Board whatsoever of my personal energies, whatsoever of my time, whatsoever of my very self is required to pay any balance that you do not find within their acceptance of the vow to serve Sanat Kumara! Great Lords of love & light! The incoming children are the hope of tomorrow. Give them garments that they may occupy in ease & peace! Give them garments sensitive to their own Holy Christ Selves that the Christ Self thru them may take full command from the time they are born! Give them, o great Lords of life, the fullness of the mercy of Kwan Yin!

"O beloved Goddess of Opportunity, newly crowned Queen of Heaven (for the incoming age)! I speak to you as my successor! I ask opportunity for incoming souls, opportunity for each one! Grant thou this as my last gift as I close my reign & as you become the shining Queen of Heaven. O Portia! Portia! Child of Love! Child of Justice! I Mary speak to you! I rest my case in your sweet hands!"

Thank you, beloved ones, for your assistance. As the feeling of devotion which has been charged with my energy fills the atmosphere let your own sweet energies coupled with my humble petition do what they may! Thank you & good morning. MARY

Mother Mary: Memoir # 8,
dictated to G. I.

Beloved friends of my heart! I bring to you tonight all the love & devotion with which I once cared for a small child. To you I bring the blessings of this holy season as we open the magnificent cosmic currents which have flowed thru your conscious endeavors & dedicated forcefields as an open door to bless all sons & daughters of God who know not yet the way to the Father's Throne.

Your blessed hands, your sweet hearts & your gentle spirits hold open the doors to the kingdom. Have you though of that? Have your ealized in its fullness what it means to magnetize those spiritual currents of energy from Above which form a forcefield? Thru your heartbeat, beloved ones, flows primal substance of life. Thru freewill you have chosen to give that life to the magnetizing of the angelic host, cherubic beings, seraphic kingdom, cosmic masters & devas & those individual consciousnesses who dwell in what has been called for centuries the kingdom of heaven. These beings do not concentrate their energies earthward except thru conductors. Such conductors are consecrated unascended lifestreams who magnetize the masters' energies & form the open door thru which blessings tremendously subtle & currents extremely vibrant enter into the atmosphere & mental & feeling worlds of mankind. These unusual benedictions could never reach the slower vibrating action of outer consciousness if there were not embodied stepdown transformers in the form of individual consciousnesses who are yet a part of the race.

So each one of you whose vital energies week after week, month after month, year after year have magnetized the Presence of the eternal God-free has formed a jewel of blazing light in the heart of this great metropolis. From the center of this blazing jewel has flowed forth to millions of people who live here blessings, purification & spiritual upliftment of which your dear outer selves will never be conscious until you stand with me in the God-free realm. Then you may look back at the record which has been written by your own lives & see the pure energy that has replaced the effluvia of those who yet know not how to control thought & feeling.

Magnificent indeed is the consciousness of an embodied chela who can even believe in our Presence in this universe & most blessed are they who in believing weave the substance & energy of their own lives into an activity which is of benefit to the race. Do you know how many children are born every twenty-four hours within the hundred mile radius covered by the center of your forcefield? Do you know how many bodies are fashioned by the builders of form? Do you know how many come in with much clearer sight, more perfect hearing & better use of their faculties because of your constant, unbroken rhythmic calls? Do you know how many children do embody in each year with vehicles & envelopes thru which the Holy Christ Self can externalize its divine plan were otherwise they would have been born idiotic or in all manner of distress? Is it not worth the use of your life energy woven into invocation, decree & song? Some day in your God-free estate you will look with joy upon those firm bodies & those strong lifestreams & you will know that your calls & your invocations morning after morning have made possible conditions by which a soul is allowed opportunity to fulfill its divine plan in dignity with head erect, body firm & pure, & mind clear. Otherwise these same lifestreams would have been destined to live a whole life thru in darkness or confusion.

O beloved ones, I have fashioned with my own hands the substance of your very hearts. I have stood each year before all those who are to embody in that 12-month cycle, I have seen the pitiful elemental substance charged with impurity & imperfection thru the mistakes of past lives. Therefore I can tell you what a mercy it is to these individuals when you call forth the violet fire for them. As they hold the best substance they have earned thru millions of years of living & offer that to me for a heart, well, as I look upon it & think, "Is this the best that soul can offer?", many thimes that violet fire rises from your groups at your call & passes thru the substance even as it is held within the trembling hand of the soul itslef. Thus instead of an impure garment, mercy & kindness of embodied lifestreams make it possible for us to give them added opportunity, an opportunity for redemption & service that they would not otherwise have earned. I tell you then does my heart swell with a Mother's pride for incarnate children who can & do draw & wield the sacred fire, sending that fire forth impersonally on behalf of lifestreams whom they do not even know exist! it is one thing, beloved, to work for those for whom you feel a close heart-tie, but to work impersonally for the great body of mankind, that show the cosmic nature of your own developed Causal Body & that is the hope of this shadow planet which we are endeavoring to fashion into freedom's star!

Beloved friends of love & light, as beloved Morya & I close our year (1954) as Sponsors for mankind, I would like to thank you personally for the opportunity of recording thru your energies in this forcefield a few of the personal memories of my experiences following the passing of my son into his eternal freedom. This gift which you have enabled me to give to you by opening the door thru your love, your magnetization & your attention, you in turn will give to mankind. The "Memoirs of Mary" will become the thanksgiving gift of your blessed selves to the Earth. I AM grateful indeed for this opportunity!

During the ministry of beloved Jesus as I have told you briefly my mission was to hold for him the immaculate concept of his own divinity. In preparation for this I had trained many centuries. In the elemental kingdom between embodiments I had taught elemental beings how to hold the pattern of a flower, a tree, a shrub. I had passed thru the initiations enabling me to hold a concentrate of thought which no force or distraction from within myself or from without could cause me to dissipate. Previous to earning the right to become Guardian & Mother of beloved Jesus I stood before the Great Initiator beloved Lord Maitreya who is also Sponsor for your magnificent city (NYC). He was the Teacher & Guru of my Son. As I have told you, for three hours at inner levels I held the divine image of the Holy Christ against every conceivable directed force which was endeavoring to dissipate that pattern. At the end of that initiation I was given the right to embody & await the coming of my beloved Son.

Thruout my Earthlife as you know from the age of three on my whole being was dedicated & consecrated wholly to God & I prepared for & awaited the hour when my mission would begin in earnest. Beloved Gabriel in his great kindness promised to come & flash again into my outer consciousnes the reality of the mission I was to fulfill & a picture of the perfection of Christ. Gabriel had promised to give me this assistance when I would require his help the most. You all recall the coming of that great one & the confirmation of the benediction of God which took place before Jesus' birth.

During the entire life of our master both Joseph & myself remained one-pointed in the holding of that concept for Jesus. His senses you will recall were most highly developed, his power of sight, his power of hearing, his thought & feeling. Naturally he was the most sensitive instrument embodied at that time. Thru those senses he could draw eith the greatest light or thru connection with the appearance world he could draw also the shadow which would blot out final mastery & victory of his ascension. So we began from very very early childhood teaching him the story of the immaculate concept & teaching him to magnify only good. On the other hand, in every experience where he was in a position to encounter discord we nullified that by saying together, "Now we shall not magnify this. Instead we shall magnify the power of God, the power of good." He grew up in that atmosphere, that radiation of magnifying good & giving no power, no sense of reality to evil. This momentum took us thru even the passing of Joseph, it took us thru the years until Jesus' public ministry was to begin. Then our ways parted (outwardly) & I devoted myself to a constant novena to holding for him that pattern of the victory of life over death itself.

Ofttimes during those years when he & the disciples were engaged in public work I went up to Bethany. There with Mary & Martha I enjoyed a certain peace in the simplicity of country living. On the outskirts of Bethany we found an old mill that had been used to grind corn in previous days. I loved to sit there & weave garments for beloved Jesus, tablecloths, napkins & things of that sort. Once each day I would find myself walking up the small but grassy mound to a great flat-topped rock. There I would spend some hours in deep & earnest communion with the God of Light. There I made the application, there I built the momentum & the pattern on which my Son was to ascend to his God & mine in the presence of many people.

In those days I did not know what I builded but I sent my love & my gratitude to the God of Light & in that rising of energy from my heart I builded the very ascending flames which were to become the victory of your beloved master & mine. During this period we thought very little about the time after the victory of the ascension because we were trained one-pointedly upon holding the immaculate concept for Jesus. No thought of self entered our minds nor was there any thought of what we were to do to maintain & sustain the Christian ministry or faith of disciples. This may seem strange to you but it would not seem so if you had been trained in a cosmic current & knew that the victory depended upon holding of your immaculate concept not only for the one you loved but for an entire race thru that one.

As I would walk on that grassy hillside part of my mind recorded this old mill. It had fallen into some disrepair & yet the momory of that old mill was to stand me in good stead for when John & I walked from Cavary Hill to Bethany--o! that old mill came to my mind as a possible place of refuge & solace. It seemed to me it could be a focus for the disciples & myself until we could find what we were to do & how we were to do it thru connection which we had with our beloved Jesus.

Well do I remember Holy Thursday! After the disciples & master had finished the Last Supper & had gone to Gethsemane, the other ladies & I came & gathered together the linen cloth which I had woven & folded carefully, knowing in myself that within a day that cloth would enfold the body of my yet vital shining & beautiful Son! In a napkin we carefully wrapped the Grail & gave it to Joseph of Arimathea for safe-keeping. That Grail was to travel far & before this weekend is spent I shall tell you of that journey. The Holy Thursday evening after we had straighted up the room so that it might be returned to the landlord in perfect order I engaged in the most heartfelt prayer of which I was capable, for the next day was to bring to me the greatest trial of my life. We shall not dwell on that day because it has passed victoriously.

After we had given to Mary & Martha & those who were to anoint Jesus' body the frankincense & myrrh (carefully kept from the time of Jesus' birth), John & I descended the hill into Bethany. There again I held vigil with the help of the beloved Maha Chohan. I held that vigil thru those days while the soul of Jesus, separated from the body, passed thru the psychic & astral realms & prepared for the glory of his resurrection day.

Then strengthening the disciples with my own faith & with that inner light which came to me from the master we began to prepare that old mill for living quarters. James, John & Peter whitewashed it, fixing walls & roof. Here we established the beginning of the first Christian monastery & cloister you might say. Here off & on we abode for some thirty years. Here after the resurrection morning every day for forty days until the Ascension the beloved Master Jesus came & spoke to the disciples & myself. Because of this after that glorious triumphant victory on Bethany's hill there were happier & more consecrated lifestreams who entered into that home at the foot of that hill. Then we all prepared to magnetize the living Presence of Jesus & from that simple focus to direct those mighty currents of the Risen Victorious Christ thru the mental & feeling worlds of all mankind. The story of that service I shall tell you.

Beloved ones, a dispensation which governs an entire race at the changing of a cycle of time, such a dispensation is builded on the energies of many & not just one! Even my beloved Jesus with all the light & power of his Presence could not have rendered that service alone! Beloved St. Germain as he now draws the currents for this New Day is performing the same service that the disciples & I rendered in that day. He is doing this by magnetizing those currents of nourishment for his New Era just as we kept the entire Christian Dispensation going thru the 2000 years of Jesus' reign. It is not the work of one man, one woman nor even of one Avatar or one Christ. It is the combined woven energies of many consecrated lifestreams.

Think you well on the word "consecrated". It means the complete dedication of your mind, your spirit, your soul, your thought, your feeling & of all organisms of your flesh to drawing forth that nourishment which is to be the sustaining power for a dispensation that will grow in magnificence & glory long after you, humble folk like ourselves, have folded your earth-garments around you & passed from the stage of life.

If you could look back at these simple efforts to create a garden & to make livable that habitation, if you could have looked at the toilworn hands & consciousness of those of us at Bethany, you would be amazed that there ever could have risen the magnificence of the Christian Dispensation. It is only the glamor of ages, beloved ones, that has woven around us a magnificence that we did not then possess. We were humble folk as I said like unto yourselves. Now sometimes feeling that you have not the worth of a task, let me say to you that the number of those who Now stand around the mighty ray of St. Germain are far greater than those who stood with us thru the ridicule, thru persecution, thru crucifixion & thru those days afterward when we built the foundation in love for the master who had come to us, who had persevered & found FREEDOM!

So this Thanksgiving morning on behalf of my beloved Son, on behalf of myself, on behalf of the children that come to Earth garmented in whole & perfect bodies, I say: "God in Heaven bless you!" Good morning. MARY

Mother Mary: Memoir # 9,
dictated to G. Innocente

Beloved ones, do you know what it means to a city to be given the opportunity of four successive visitations? Also, do you know what it means to give to me the opportunity to draw from the energies of my world & from those Temples of the Sacred Heart where I serve those cosmic currents of life & light eternal? Thru your forcefield these can then energize the mental & feeling worlds of all people in this great metropolis (NYC) as well as their physical bodies & etheric garments.

At Lourdes as well as at Fatima there were visitations but we were able to say very little since we dealt with the consciousness of children who could not grasp deeper law & who were not prepared & ready to understand more than the beauty of the actual visible Presence. Yet thru these visitations we were able to anchor into those localities a sufficient cosmic current which has remained to this day & has made possible the healing & freeing of lifestreams that have been encompassed for centuries in limitations of their own making. It is time then that you who are entrusted with our confidence, with our very Presence & with our instruction should accept in the deepest recesses of your feeling those currents of energy which we bring with us & leave as a permanent river of living force. This surges forth from the heart-center of the established forcefield, & with a far greater efficacy than the thin stream of energy we have been able to draw forth at the healing shrines, it can be directed into your hospitals & asylums, into your homes & into the consciousness of your people everywhere.

Can you realize for a moment the intelligence that is within energy & the power of magnetization that is within your heart? I would like you to think of it for a moment. Within your heart is a magnet & that magnet sustains life within your physical body for as long as your Holy Christ Self desires to have manifestations in this world. A constant flowing stream of electrons from the great source of all life flows into your heart with such rapidity that there is no outer means by which it can be photographed as yet so you might see your own silver cord. However, in the near future there is coming a much greater sensitivity in the photographic world & many of the magnificent things of which we have spoken will be recorded & confirmed to the sight of man. This stream of living light that pours from your Electronic Presence into your heart is what you have lightly called your lifestream. It is exactly that, a river of living breathing force & intelligence. It is primal life unqualified, awaiting the command of man's freewill to become for him & everyone whatever he shall decide to make it. This primal life is already qualified to obey, it is the elemental substance that has taken the command from the universal to obey the creative principle of man & out of that primal life you have woven your chains & your limitations even as you have woven the glory of your Causal Body. You have also woven magnificent momentums upon which we depend to draw mankind again out of the pit into the glory & victory of their own God-free estate!

As this life flows thru you it is yours to command. For the most part according to the caprice of the moment your thoughts & feelings qualify it & the invisible inner garments which you wear, your sphere of influence, your aura & your Causal body are a conglomerate mass of thoughts & feelings of your daily life. Many men have come under the influence of evil. Conversely many other men & women have come under the influence of a good man or a saintly person & on the impetus of that one idividual's magnetized & qualified life have lived a holy life themselves. In time they returned to their God-estate. Your individual sphere of influence is important, more important than you realize! Some of you humble of heart & sweet of spirit feel that the individual self matters little but your sphere of influence & your radiation are all we have with which to work in this world of form. The quality of your sphere of influence can be changed by your conscious application & the conscious qualifying of this beautiful primal light thru your feeling world. Then the hem of your spiritual garment becomes an influence for good wherever you move among mankind. Even though you never used your lips to speak at all just the radiation passing out from your body become a healing raising power & you become the leaven in the loaf.

Now as you join together in a constructive activity what happens? All of your individual lifestreams combine, drawing rivers of life flowing from the Presence, all of them join together & descending make a great mighty river of force, magnetized by the heartbeat of each one of you who chooses to come to these magnificent classes & give of your energy. Then as you make invocation to the great masters of light & speak their holy names in word, in song, even in silent visualization your magnetic heartbeat draws around the river of force a tremendous current from each great being whom you drew by thought & feeling. It is exactly as if a little rivulet that had trickled down from the mountaintop by the very first melting of snow was caught up then in the great mighty rush of mountain torrents when glaciers melt. That tremendous added impetus then sweeps down into the valley carrying the currents of energy & fertilization to the plain. The magnetic power within a group of unascended beings to form an open door to the ascended masters' realm cannot be overemphasized. Beloved Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name (nature) there I AM in the midst of them." Every group of dedicated lifestreams whether they are orthodox, metaphysical, occult or spiritualistic who are sincere & deep in their desire to draw forth greater good from the heart of the universal magnetizes & draws these cosmic currents from these glorious beings. Those currents then flood out from the center of the forcefields north, east, south & west. According to the intensity & power of the group, the feeling & sincerity of the leader, according to the energy that is released & the power of concentration among the assemby is mankind blessed cosmically & bathed in that radiation of purifying essence.

Your individual sphere of influence, your individual aura is a conglomerate mass of good & evil. When you join together to form the forcefield for a cosmic activity, for the radiation of the ascended masters & for the magnetization of the angelic host the portion of your personal sphere of influence that is not constructive is muted for the moment. The portion which is constructively qualified is emphasized & the great angel devas & builders of form together weave from the assembly a magnificent pattern. That pattern conducts the blessings of the group & the blessings of beings who gather in the atmosphere above the meeting place back into your homes, into your blessed families, into your worlds & into the consciousness of those who need such assistance.

Beloved children, in my position I hear so many calls for help. If you knew the prayers that come up to me from this metropolis alone you would realize how grateful I AM to be given this open door & opportunity to bring to your great city this gift of my energy, my life, the river of light which comes from my Presence. To these are added the blessings of beloved Jesus & of the beloved angelic host who work with me. We direct those currents thru your forcefield & then allow that to bless & bless & bless life everywhere. Each one of you who has come & given of your own life to make this opportunity possible, each one of you is dear to my heart & my gratitude shall flow to you eternally.

Will you please remember each evening to consciously direct back into your own city, your own sanctuary & your own home a mighty ray of intelligent life & light substance from this class? This ray of light substance can duplicate there the same activity which we draw forth here & make it active in those portions of the country from whence you have come. You see, as much as you will personally do for yourselves you spare me in the use of my energy. Then my service can be given you in more powerful currents for the purification of your inner & flesh bodies. Will you do something for me tonight? Will you please accept the Presence of my humble self in your midest with at least as much faith as the pilgrims at Lourdes? Will you accept deep within your heart that healing momentum which has become the hem of my garment? That garment covers this entire building tonight & each one will take as much or as little as he or she may choose according to the power of his or her acceptance. As my gift of thanksgiving to you accept the substance of the radiation of one what has been your mother for countless centuries. Accept this into your blessed minds, your bodies & your worlds. Then, beloved children, as your gift to beloved Jesus this holy season will you specialize in drawing forth some particular quality to become the spiritual garment which you wear? You can charge your glorious Tube of Light with a particular essence so that as you move thru the great metropolis, as you rub elbows with mankind some of the virtue consciously drawn forth by yourself may be absorbed by them. Then the hem of your spiritual garment will be a blessing & an uplifting power to life everywhere. This would be the greatest of gifts of the season to one who gave of himself so long ago.

Now, turning my attention & yours back to those early years let us pursue that sweet story of a long ago era. It still lives in my heart as though it were yesterday & lives in many of yours too. Many within this room were part of that drama, part of that joy & part of the heartache. You were part of the despair of Calvary & part of the resurrection morning. Deep within your etheric bodies there vibrates the memories of a majestic being who walked across Judea & left an example for all mankind that has never been equalled even down to this present day. Now we come to celebrate his birtday & it is for him that we prepare our physical & inner bodies to give him the gift of our very selves even as I gave myself to him before I passed thru the gates of birth, before I was to know physical embodiment.

When the initiation was complete at the close of the three hours on Calvary's hillside beloved John & I walked together down that hill as I told you, leaving others to perform the final rites prreparing the body for entombment. We returned to Bethany, to that blessed Bethany where Jesus & the disciples & I had spent the few private moments of his ministry. Here the gardens smelled sweet in that spring, birds sang beautifully & there was no great press of the public, no tremendous need & pressure. There in the quiet of that place I asked beloved John to leave me in the privacy of my own room two nights & one day. I was given fresh water & fruit, & closing the door I sank to my knees in the deepest most heartfelt prayer. In that prayer I followed the soul & spirit of beloved Jesus thru those hours until we would be assured that the resurrection was accomplished. At Luxor years before both Jesus & I had taken the initiation of the suspension of the breath & the so-called removal of life from the body. We had passed thru this initiation victoriously. However, as I have told you, it is one thing to accomplish that initiation in the protection of a retreat where the ascension flame blazes bright & strong, the cosmic masters & hierarch standing guard over the body. Here there is no breath of evil & there is the vital fire of life & confidence. Here the twelve masters who stand watch over the body during that period have already mastered the initiation themselves & they know that law is law. They have the confidence, faith & conviction which comes alone when you know the exactness of the law thru the use of your own life energy. It is quite another thing indeed to accomplish such a mission amidst a roaring mob, a mass mind & consciousness which emboided all viciousness of the astral & psychic realms determined to destroy the greatest manifestation of the Christ in that era. It is a different thing too to reanimate a body that has been broken. It was for this that I prayed! I prayed & prayed long hours thru.

Finally it seemed as though I had fallen asleep at my vigil. then thru my mind came the most magnificent melodious voice of Gabriel whom I knew so well. I thought that I was again dreaming of that first visitation. I would recall those words so often during the early years in Egypt, during Jesus' growing years, during the years of obscurity in Nazareth--those words of Gabriel & that confirmation of Jesus' Messiahship would come to my mind over & over again. So that morning as I waited in my lonely vigil again I heard Gabriel's voice say, "Hail, Mary! full of grace." Ah, I thought, again I AM recalling from memory the words of that blessed one. Howevr the words changed then & he said, "Beloved, your son is risen! He is victorious! The tomb has been shattered! He inhabits his body & I come the announcer, the protector of the immaculate concept to bring to you the first word of the victory!"

Then I fell to my knees & the tears of gratitude streamed down my face. The room was filled with light & the fragrance of the lily. The magnificent Presence of Gabriel stood there before me & as the brilliant light in the room softened there also stood my son, clothered in the same white robe that I had woven for him! At great moments you know how little things magnify, for instance, the ticking of a clock in your day. In mine I kept tracing my own stitching in the hem of his garment & I looked as a mother would look at the line & contour of his face. I looked at the delicately arched eyebrows, the beautiful deepset eyes & I said within myself, "No! My hope has not conjured up this image, it is not the result of my wishful thinking." Then Jesus reached out his hands & spoke to me, saying, "Mother, it is I."

I rushed toward him thinking to kiss the hem of his robe but he raised me to my feet. We walked over to the window together to see the sun, the great symbol of life & light which we had worshipped & loved as an outer manifestation of God the Father & the Holy Mother. Jesus remarked about the beauty of the morning but my eyes were so wet with tears I could scarcely see the light of the sun. I looked upon his hand & saw that there was yet the stigmata, the mark of the nails. I said, "Son, in the resuscitation why have you left this imperfection on your hands?" "Mother," said Jesus, "for authenticity's sake. Not everyone has the discerning eye of a mother & would know me by the line of my cheekbone, the length of my hqand or by the light in my eye. Those who know have said, 'Wear yet the marks upon your hands & feet until you have come to your disciples & those who love you.' However, we shall remedy this in time." I said, "Thank God! At least the deep marks of the thorns in your forehead are gone." He just smiled. Then as time was fleeting Jesus said, "I must be upon my way, beloved. I must now go to the disciples, to Mary, Martha & Magdalene, to Peter, James & John, for they are still sore afraid & the sight of death has shaken them to their roots." Before leaving, however, Jesus asked me, "Beloved mother, do you wish to come with me when I go into my glory or will you remain yet awhile?" "Son," I answered him, "what is thy will?"

He said, "Mother, the magnetizing of the great & mighty cosmic currents for the Christian Dispensation can only be done by an unascended being. There is much yet that I can do & a dispensation has been offered me that after my public ascension I may come to you & to John for thirty years, giving you instruction that has not yet been written if I can call upon you for that sacrifice." "Behold the handmaiden of the Lord," I said. "Willingly, joyously, beloved, if it were a thousand years I would stay. I who have lived these 33 years to see your victory, should I not now allow you the greater opportunity for a few years of exile on my part?" He was pleased.

Jesus then said, "Go to the granary & I will send Peter, James, Andrew, John & Luke & I will send the ladies who have loved us. For forty days we shall visit together & I will give you some understanding of the law. Then after the completion of my mission I shall be enabled to appear to John & you alone. One of you must remain at Bethany until this period is completed." That is why John remained at home when we went to England, in order to hold that vigil & to make possible that magnetization. This was the same sort of activity of which I have spoken to you concerning your great constancy of application & group work together.

We went out then to this old gristmill. A stream of water flowed behind it & it was very peaceful, very quiet there. First they fixed a small room for me inside the mill. Soon beloved Jesus came & he was always a practical man. I have spoken little about that practical side of my son but I remember well as he looked at the stream he called Andrew & James & said, "If you will dig a ditch here you can irrigate Mother's garden & save all the steps of carrying water for her." I was interested at that time in herbs & I made a lovely garden of them. Those herbs had much healing power & did great work. Another day as we were standing together Jesus said to Peter, "Peter, this main room is too big. The roofbeam will not hold unless you get a large tree to support it. If you will get such a tree & hew it, I will smooth it & we will place it in the center of your assembly room." So we did. In such homely ways as this did we make our forty days count. We were preparing for the separation & during this time Jesus told us much of the spiritual law & many of the glorious experiences he had while he was free from the body as it lay in the tomb.

On the hillside Mark kept the small flock of sheep which Joseph of Arimathea sent us so we might weave garments for the men from the wool. the lovely wife of Pilate sent us some imported milking-goats & a letter asking if she might come to visit us. The friends of Jusas Iscariot & his family asked if they might give us forty fruit trees, fig & olive. We gratefully accepted & planted them. So we lived in simplicity. In the evenings we would gather together & I would go over the story of the nativity. Then Matthew, Mark & John would tell the story in their own words & record it. Sometimes I would have to say, "No, that is not exactly the way it happened," & we would correct it. Thus we wrote the Gospels together.

Finally we came to the end of that period when we had the sweetness of Jesus' Presence so close. The night before the ascension he spoke to us & said to John & me, "Tomorrow at dawn I shall climb the hill of Bethany alone. You come with Peter & James around nine o'clock & let the others follow." Jesus said to John, "Even though you were not at Luxor yet because of your love & your fidelity & because you shall care for my Mother & my flock you shall have your ascension at the close of this life."

The early morning came & Jesus walked alone up the hill. He was like a magnet which was of love alone. His Presence, his sweet voice, his shining hair, his aura, all these were so powerfully magnetic that wherever he was even if people were sleeping they stirred, rose & followed him! On this morning I spoke to the boys & said, "Watch now that the flock do not follow him. Let us allow him these few hours, the last hours which he will know alone as a part of the Earth. Let him commune with Virgo & Aries, beloved Helios & Vesta. Let him adore beloved May the month of perfection."

Sure enough no sooner had his Presence started up the hill than there followed the beloved who wished to be with him. We restrained them & in order to keep them happy I told them some stories from his life. Around nine o'clock the remaining disciples & myself ascended the hill. The Presence of beloved Jesus was already brilliant & shining like a sun. So bright was the light shining thru his body we could scarcely look upon it. He spoke no more with us then. We just continued to pray with him, drawing the resurrection & ascension flames. Then on that majestic hilltop from the very rock where I had spent so many years in prayer Jesus ascended consciously in the visible presence of hundreds of people (about five hundred in all). After that Jesus came once each day for quite a while & John & I recorded what he said much as you receive our words now.

Later, Saul of Tarsus came to live with us & had a period of recuperation, endeavoring to regain his balance & his good eyesight. Many a time Peter & he sat in the garden & talked. Saul, endeavoring to become so humble, yet had such a background of the law under the old dispensation that it was difficult for him to accept the faith of this unlettered Peter. Many a time I came between them to settle an argument.

James, Peter & Andrew particularly went forth & taught. Many came from the Romans, many from the Jewish faith & many came from the Gentiles. All that time we builded the radiation which was to be the heritage of the Christian Dispensation. Finally one day there came a messenger from Joseph of Arimathea that his business was taking him to the Isles of Britain. We knew that we had a mission to accomplish, to take the Cup there & that story I shall give you tomorrow. Remembering again the sweetness & simiplicity of our life together & sharing it with you becomes my gift to you, beloved of my heart. Your homely daily living is building for you & for St. Germain the same magnetized field for tomorrow's world. Good evening & God bless you! MARY

Mother Mary: Memoir # 10,
dictated to G. I.

Beloved children of my heart, I bring you tonight the vital fire of my very self to give to you of the substance which I have gathered thruout the ages that have been. This has been qualified by my own consciousness & forms the glory of my Causal Body. My Causal Body is the storehouse from whence I draw forth that which is required to answer the calls of those who need help, the blessings so much needed by the sons & daughters of Earth. Truly it has been said that in the history of men's prayers it has never been known for one single call to remain unaswered which has come up to me since I achieved my position of authority. I AM the Mother of all souls belonging to this Earth's evolutions & for each of these I shall pray that they achieve the same great mastery & victorious manifestation as my own.

Nothing has caused more conflict between right-thinking men & women than the possibility of intercession before the Throne of the heavenly Father by those who have attained their eternal freedom. I AM quite sure that the great sect who protested against the possibility of such intercession has not fully understood the true meaning of the law. As I AM the one called upon the most, perhaps, by a great number of mankind to intercede on behalf of the souls of men, it is the subject with which I can deal more delicately & yet more clearly than almost any other one.

Within your own precious hearts is the flame of Immortal Life streaming from the heart of your own central source--God! Within your heart is God in action & there is no power that can ever separate you from it here or hereafter! No fear of eternal damnation, no requirement of creed or intermediary has any power to interfere when the soul determines within itself to return to God in oneness of consciousness. Even in your unascended realm the prayer of a good friend gives strength & vital essence of someone interested in you which adds to the impetus of your aspiration that rises to the Throne of the One Father. This added impetus magnetizes greater release to bless you on the return current of that energy. Then why cannot those of us who are your friends in this realm also intercede for you just in the capacity of Elder Brothers & Sisters not because of position, not because of place, but because we are friends! We are vitally & deeply interested in your life, interested in your wellbeing, interested in your development. Then why deny us the same right of access to the Father on your behalf that you give freely one to another?

How often do the words "Pray for me" come from the lips of one going into trial? How often have you asked a heartfriend, a parent, a child to intercede on your behalf before the Eternal? Just so those who come in earnestness to the feet of Mary ask her intercession for themselves or a friend. This will add to their small efforts the strength & vital essence of my prayers & calls. The plea to me for intercession enables me to release all magnetic power of those centuries of becoming free. I AM merely a friend giving of my life & drawing those currents from higher realms than the conscious soul of the aspirant can yet reach. By reason of certain applications & developments some of us are able to go closer into the heart of the Father. There becoming impregnated with the very substance of that life, health, vitality & fire we return, brimming over with the essence of divinity. We shower this light essence upon those who have called for help, each of us being merely messengers who embody the One Life, the One Principle of God. Each of us is a grail that carries the assistance needed from the one source into the world of form. Man does not divide his allegiance to the One God when he asks assistance of friendship. Therefore to you within this room who wish the intercession of Mary I come! Not for the purpose of worship, not for the purpose of idolatry, but I come with the same friendship & comradeship that you have one with another magnified by my powers of greater freedom. Now when you go forth again into the world at the close of this class carry this great truth everywhere you can, that the intercession of the saints on behalf of mankind is but the same activity of invocation, adoration & devotion which you send up in group work when you intercede on behalf of unborn children, on behalf of those passing thru the veil called death, on behalf of the crippled or insane. Ever, ever as you grow in grace & light does your consciousness intercede on behalf of those less fortunate than you & your hand is offered up to those above you. I see you are comprehending this quite clearly & I thank you.

Beloved children, you are given a great opportunity to serve in this large city, an opportunity to become a heart-center of healing light which can become planetary in its radiation if you endure. Many opportunities come to mankind from time to time & to those who endure unto the end there is given the white garment of Victory. Why are certain places upon the surface of this planet chosen as foci of protection, of healing, of purity? There are many reasons, beloved ones, all in accord with a scientfic law. In ages that have been there were golden eras when the angelic host were visible & tangible to the sight of men & God-beings who had never taken flesh bodies were still the recognized authority governing the spiritual as well as secular life of the race. During these times many foci were drawn forth at various points upon the surface of Earth & beautiful temples were builded. Within those temples lifestreams were drawn together who had an affinity for the vibratory action of blesshings that were flowing. As I told you last evening, these blessings flowed like living rivers of force down from those temples & out to bless the masses. When those foci were magnetized sufficiently & when from the civilizations that reigned during those particular eras there were drawn lifestreams who were willing & loyal enough to guard the sacred fire, that God-being who guarded it then gave the fire into the keeping of those individuals who so qualified to receive it. The priests & priestesses in these temples sustained the light that was given & it became the spiritual nourishment & focus of balance for the people.

In Atlantean days right here within the compass of your city a mighty focus of healing was manifest. Here as you have been told was a great Temple of Light & the lesser temples were visible too. Mankind was able to come into this temple from all over the planet & receive a certain balancing of mind & body which was required to maintain perfect health & to sustain their physical bodies in dignity for as long as their Holy Christ Selves desired that they should remain embodied. At the close of this Atlantean culture when the physical temples were destroyed, the etheric temples remained there. The great & mighty deva Liberty chose to sustain those activities & currents pouring forth at inner levels as well as the blessings that poured forth previously thru mental & physical worlds.

Why do you think certain people are drawn to certain locations? It is because of the great light which has been focused there in the past & has become a magnet for the cities which rise to those locations. People in outer consciousness do not know what drew them. Then come new opportunities thru the dispensations made possible by the advent of the seventh ray of Ascended Master St. Germain. Now lifestreams who have been active before in those same temples in earlier ages have volunteered to reembody. They come from various points on Earth in answer to the heartcall of the soul & are prepared again to magnetize & draw forth some etheric perfection which was known in previous eras.

Many of you have come across oceans, you have come from faraway places to this great metropolis & here you have made your home. You have come because of opportunity to again magnetize & externalize certain healing currents to the glory of God & St. Germain--that opportunity now lies within the palm of your hand. No man or God knows what any other man will do with opportunity but those of us who are free, when we see opportunities so resting in the hands of frail chelas then do our prayers rise to the heart of the Eternal, then do we make intercession that you may determine to see manifest & externalized that portion of the divine plan into which your gracious lifestreams may be woven.

What do you think is required to so draw forth a healing focus of light? It is a good question for those who are deeply interested. Very very many qualities are required for such a healing focus. In outer consciousness you have no concept of the drive of energy which would be directed toward any group if mankind en masse had the slightest knowledge that you had a way to alleviate distress! Mankind seeks surcease from pain, from illness, from disease & also death. Mankind is like a sea that has no longer control of the tide but rushes ruthlessly toward that which will satisfy the need of the moment. I speak of this because I saw my son having to go out into the Sea of Galilee to snatch a moment's peace, an hour's sleep, & in those days there was not the means of communication which would allow the entire planet to know what he was doing. Then it was only the surge of local humanity.

Beloved ones! For the establishing of such a mighty healing focus here you will need Invincible Protection. Invoke the protection of Lord Michael & his great legions of angels. See them stand around this building with their swords of flame. This protection will have to be consciously drawn about you & your environment long before the hour comes when the spiritual hem of your garment perfgorms that first instantaneous healing. You will need Ascended Master Discrimination, the capacity to seal the lips against revealing either the needs or the confidences of those who come for help. The complete Absence of Spiritual Pride is also an absolute essential to successful accomplishment here lest you unconsciously betray that which you do in secret behind closed doors & draw such a surge of energy toward you that your small numbers & frail strength cannot yet handle.

In order to have such a magnificent activity of cosmic healing there are also other requisites which are very important. One must be willing to become an absolutely Selfless Servant of the Lord. This is the great individual surrender which every man makes within the secret recesses of his own heart & not in the presence of any other person, the willingness to lay upon the altar of humanity every personal satisfaction & pleasure in order to become as pure & selfless a vessel as possible, a willingness to endure & stand by until accomplishment is attained. Then comes the activity of Perception, the training of the faculties by which conscious healings take place, the holding of the thoughtform, energizing it by feeling & radiation which enables it to lower that healing into externalized manifestation.

It takes real Divine Love & Faith. It takes the kind of love that beloved Buddha had when first he saw mankind's distresses, those distresses which had been hidden from him by the oversolicitude of his father. It is the love for mankind that will not let you rest while any among the race know imperfection, distress or limitation. It also takes the faith that in its scientific accuracy The Law Cannot Fail! One must know beyond the shadow of the faintest doubt that the efficacy of that law is dependent upon constancy of application. That application must be held until the condition yields & necessary Purity is drawn to produce & sustain healing. This Purity of which we speak is the purity of mind that keeps the mental body free from dwelling in secret upon any impure thoughts & feelings. such impurity would requalify crystal light substance thru which might flow directed healing current of the immaculate concept of the lifestream. That purity requires nothing for itself, not even recognition or thanksgiving & is absolutely selfless in every way. It lives just like a beam of light & allows the infinite power of the Father to render the service thru you. Another requisite to success along these lines of endeavor is the Power of Concentration, staying with something until it is fulfilled consciously. How many of you have the constancy to remain with one application until any one lifestream is completely released & relieved of every distress? Multiply that by ten billion souls representing every brother & sister of humanity & you will know something of the demand of constancy. When no one face is more dear to you than another, when no one countenance draws from you more healing than another but all mankind become your children, that is divine Constancy!

Then the Infinite Rhythm pours into your application systematicaly thru visualization & thru calls until you have the manifestation no matter how long it takes! O watch the rhythm of the sea, its rise & its fall, the rhythm of your seasons, your spring, autumn, winter & summer, the rhythm of your tide incoming & outgoing & the rhythm with which you feed your physical body. Then you will have some understanding of the rhythm of application which is required to enable you to become a healing fountain for the masses. Spasmodic feeding of the energy of your life into spiritual activity does not make for cosmic momentum, children. If mankind were as spasmodic in the feeding of the intellect while they learn the arts or while they learn professions there would be very few who could act with efficacy. However, in spiritual matters mankind feels that rhythm is so unimportant. It is one of the most important activities & it is one reason why I AM so grateful for the unbroken rhythm of these four days. It enables me to bring an increase each day of the currents & substance of myself into your worlds & thru you to mankind.

Last but not least there is required the Indestructible Harmony & Peace maintained among your own members, among your physical bodies, your mental, emotional & etheric bodies & your Holy Christ Selves. Each individual who becomes a part of a healing group must have his own bodies in accord before he becomes a conductor of merit. Then each such member must be in accord with the group director & that group as one becomes a magnifying power of whatever God-being you invoke. They also become a radiating center of those currents that flow forth into the atmosphere like spokes of a wheel. That unbroken harmony maintained undisturbed year after year does draw forth magnificent activities for the blessings of Earth & her people.

Beloved ones, if you are desirous of specializing in the activity of healing thru the natural affinity of your city & your own lifestreams, please take it seriously & endeavor to perfect your own vehicles so that you may become a glorious power here. From this center there can flow forth that light & blessing to all the race. It is an opportunity without parallel, one that has drawn me into your presence. It has drawn the attention of Kwan Yin & all of those of the angelic host, particularly beloved Uriel & the angels of ministration. It has also drawn my beloved Jesus & Lord Maitreya, for all of us desire to use your energies to conduct blessings of healing to mankind at large.

Now we shall return to our story & give you the blessing & remembrance of it. As we recite these simple details, please accept the actual currents which flow from my heart, magnifying that particular quality which you chose to charge into your Tube of Light. This latter suggestion is for those of you who accepted my idea of the other evening that you charge you individual Tube of Light with a specific quality of blessing to mankind as a Christmas gift to our beloved Jesus. At your call this can be a sustained gift to your fellowmen.

After the ascension of beloved Jesus from Bethany's Hill those of us who knew of the coming of the Holy Spirit prepared for the first Pentecost. Our beloved Matthew was keeper of our funds & it was his responsibility to see that we secured an upper chamber where disciples might meet right in Jerusalem. Here the first baptism of sacred fire pouring thru them gave them that comfort which their hearts so much desired & that confidence & faith which their souls required. This they had formerly received from the proximity to Jesus' physical Presence but it seemed to recede from them with his ascending form. Right after the crucifixion & resurrection things were very quiet so far as the Sanhedrin & Roman government were concerned, for they felt they had put an end to this particular menace to their authority. However, beloved Jesus suggested that we should in no way draw attention to our small humble community in Bethany. He asked us to go down into Jerusalem & prepare for that Pentecost using great wisdom in all our actions so as not to draw upon our heads any undue wrath.

Therefore at that Pentecost with which you are all familiar when the radiation of the beloved Holy Spirit poured down the disciples were filled anew with vital fire, with the desire to go forth & preach the Gospel. Now they felt even a thousandfold more strong than they did when they were in the actual Presence of beloved Jesus. Personally I was greatly relieved when this took place because that ten days after the ascension was a great drain upon my strength. They all leaned on me for faith & confidence in that seeming loss of the proximity of the physical association with their friend Jesus. For a time we abided in this comparative peace & we planted our grain, flax & trees. We sheared our sheep & wove our garments. In the evenings we wrote simple Gospels. The women sewed & embroidered & the disciples themselves taught those who came to us.

Then one day there came a message from Joseph of Arimathea who had great business holdings in the British Isles. It was requisite for him to sail west on a trip to Britain & he gave us the invitation to accompany him. As we had been told by beloved Jesus that sometime previous to our own victory & ascension it would be necessary to carry the Grail to the British Isles, we felt within ourselves that this was the hour of opportunity. At about this same time we heard that Pilate was to be replaced by the Romans & we knew then that the new governor would not be as lenient as Pilate had been. The disciples therefore thought it wise for me to be removed from that place temporarily so we made our simple preparations to join Joseph's caravan & go west.

Joseph of Arimathea like all men of great wealth in his day had many slaves & those slaves manned the galleys of his boat. I said to him, "Joseph, we cannot carry that sacred chalice with slave labor." He said, "No, truly, that could not be." Then from among the Christians of our little band we received offers from enough of the gentlemen to man each oar when required when the winds of heaven did not provide sufficient motivating power for the sails. We left John in Bethany to hold daily tryst with our beloved Jesus. We also left Andrew & Mark & with us we took Peter, James, Bartholomew & Nathaniel. We also took Mary of Bethany but Martha remained at home to watch the household with her usual care. Pilate's wife also came with us for she was to return to Rome & we thought to leave her there en route. We were a simple but dedicated band. I remember as we all knelt that final morning & John gave us the benediction we felt the Presence of beloved Jesus.

The first bloom of my youth was gone & the journey seemed long to me. I wondered within myself whether I should ever return to the scenes so dear to me because of the Christian pageant of which I had been a part. However I did, I returned again! Tomorrow I shall tell you of those last days & of my own victory (see:

We passed Alexandria & Joseph asked me if I would like to visit Luxor. I was indeed delighted to have the opportunity. As you know Alexandria is quite a distance from Luxor & Joseph's boat could not take us all the way. So Joseph & his group waited for our return at Alexandria while Peter, James, a few others & myself went to Luxor. There I renewed my association with the magnificent hierarch of that retreat & gave him my personal gratitude for his assistance in that victory of the first Resurrection morning. I stood in the Halls of Luxor, smelled the fragrance of those lovely lilies & felt the flame of the ascension pass thru my body. I so much enjoyed that association short & sweet as it was.

Then as we returned to Alexandria, to Joseph & his group & joined our caravan, we stopped at the island of Crete near Greece. There we stayed a month & beloved Jesus in his great kindness came to us & helped us magnetize & prepare the way for the great persuader, the Apostle Paul. He was later to bring the light into that land. Then as we left Crete we headed toward Rome. You will remember that we had with us Pilate's wife whom we were to leave at that city. However, beloved Jesus came to us & said, "Stop not in Italy as there is already a great movement begun against Christianity. Move onward." So we did go on & Pilate's wife was very glad for the opportunity of continuing the journey with us.

Then we sailed onward to the very tip of the Iberian peninsula. There I disembarked in order to make the pilgrimage thru Fatima, thru Lourdes, thru Orleans, thru all the places that would be magnetized later. I stayed & prayed some time in each one & the current of energy from my own heart drew down those special rays which some great soul would later vitalize.

When I came to the north of France we met the kindly Joseph of Arimathea again & he carried us across the Channel to the magnificent Isle of Britain. As we set foot upon these shores I carried the Grail within my own hands & all of us knelt on the sands. As we were so kneeling beloved Jesus manifested & gave the first benediction & ceremony of the Holy Grail. It was this etheric record into which beloved Arthur was to tune in so powerfully later. The Grail was left by us in Glastonbury. We remained in the Isle of Britain for some time, traveling up thru Scotland & Wales. We then went into Ireland where a few hundred years later another disciple of Lord Maitreya was to render a service to life. Again we magnetized that place thru prayer, by invocation & by devotion to God until those mighty currents stood as a living pillar of vital fire & light. Into this pillar of light the mighty Patrick walked in his outer consciousness not even knowing of this preparation made for him by those who went before. Even so he felt that strength & fire which enabled him to bring the Christian faith into Ireland. How seldom does mankind know the prayer, invocation, magnetization & application that makes their ministry possible as they place their feet in the shining footprints of those who preceded them. We had a lovely stay in the Isle of Britain which was destined for a great future. Here Francis Bacon desired to establish a United States of Europe, hoping if it were successful to extend it to the rest of the world. Here also beloved Jesus gave a blessing thru radiation that one day all mankind shall see in its fullness. We left three of our party in Britain & started the long journey home around the Rock of Gibraltar thru the Mediterranean.

I was so glad to see that lovely old granary & I was glad to see the seeds that I had planted fully grown & bearing a fine harvest. It was good to see the trees we had planted grown so tall & strong. I was delighted too to see the beloved brothers & sisters who rushed forward to meet me & then to kneel down in the privacy of my own little room & kiss the ground of Judea. Thus at the close of this trip was our great mission accomplished.

After that I had but to abide within the patience of the great law until my call should come, until I should hear my beloved son say, "Mother, your hours are accomplished. Now come home!" Thank you for your loving interest. Good evening! MARY

Mother Mary: Memoir #11
dictated to Geraldine Innocente 1955
In the name of the one living God that beats your hearts, in the name of the Ascended Jesus Christ whom I represent, I call today from the heart of Heaven itself the grace of the Holy Spirit, that sweet anointing from Above that descends, enters into your soul and stirs there again the remembrance of the perfection which you knew long before the world was! This grace of the Holy Spirit which I call forth for you now releases the perfume of your own divinity coming from that airless cell in your heart. It satisfies your souls, sublimates it and raises each of you again into the glorious and magnificent victory of your God-estate from when you have fallen into present limitation.

I speak to you this morning on the subject of grace. Grace comes alone from the spirit and is a gift from the Godhead itself. It is grace which makes it possible for those of you among all the great numbers of people in this city to believe that I AM here, to comprehend My words and to accept the possibility and actuality of the communion of saints with unascended beings. It is that spiritual grace which enables the soul to discern truth, that enables the heart to recognize the import of the cosmic moment, that enables the knee to bend before the cosmic law's fiat, and Our hands to be outstretched to give assistance. Even in your world of outer activity that which is done gracefully, that which is done with a spirit filled with a sense of grace, brings happiness to all the individual contacts. That which is done grudgingly or thru a sense of duty ofttimes brings little of comfort or happiness to either the benefactor or the one who is the recipient of the benefaction.

This spirit of grace is an ephemeral activity and yet it should be wooed, invoked and called forth by the students upon the path. Without it one misses so many of the wonderful opportunities of each hour. You see, the sounds of the outer world are so loud that the voice of the spirit within can scarcely be heard.

I have been called so kindly the Mother of Grace and have been referred to as being an individual filled with grace. As one who abided within a state of listening grace thru all My life, I can recommend to you the cultivation of that specific radiation which comes from God. My children, live within a state of listening grace, for you never know the hour of visitation. Never do you know when the voice of God speaking thru the lips of an outer man may be giving to you the opportunity of a lifetime! However, when you are calm and poised and your inner Self is filled with that consciousness of grace you can hear the Word of God and see his living Presence no matter what the disguise or the form thru which it manifests. I have been told that had I not been in a state of grace at the instant when Gabriel chose to come and give to Me the message concerning the coming of the Messiah I would have missed Him. If Joseph had not been listening within his secret heart We would not have heard the warning of the angel to flee before Herod's wrath. All thru Our lives in split-second crises the consciousness of harmony and living inside with God made it possible for Us to avert so many of the appearances that could have engulfed Us.

Grace is of the spirit. He who lives within that calm radiant peace, resting on the bosom of his own eternal immortal flame, such a man is wise indeed. He is ever alert to the Word of God in every sense and the direction of the great and majestic Presence, ready for the messengers from On High who would choose to use such an one.

You may enjoy knowing that your blessed forcefield which has been drawn this morning is in the form of a glorious Maltese Cross made of the Easter lily. As that forcefield expands I call upon you, upon the souls of all incarnate mankind, upon the great angel devas over every church in this great metropolitan area and over every hospital and asylum, the holy grace of the mighty Maha Chohan. I call that grace forth also thru the hearts, souls and spirits of every priest, minister and rabbis of every religion in this great metropolis and thru the spirit and very selves of everyone dedicated to God's good thruout the planet. In the name of the Ascended Jesus Christ I make this call and even as these words are spoken that glorious sweet anointing flows from the heart of the Universal nourishing the shoots of spiritual accomplishment within the souls of men. As this class closes today and the release is given to the angelic host thru Lord Michael's charge the angels of Uriel shall take those lilies which have been drawn in this lovely forcefield, expanding that magnificent Maltese Cross whose form they make, until the planet is held within that cross. Then from above the angels of the Madonna Temple shall shower the inner atmosphere of Earth with the form of the lily. This form represents the ascension, the redemption of the Earth and the ascension of all mankind. So, truly do we live in an hour of accomplishment.

My loved ones, do you know that I have written these few memoirs on your life? Just as if you took a plain piece of paper and wrote with a pen, so have I taken your life, life which you have used month after month and year after year in making these calls and applications. This has become a gathered momentum of substance and on it I have written My own words which shall endure. Perhaps they will become an interesting story to generations even yet unborn. I AM very grateful for this privilege of being able to so write upon your life.

Now as you enter into the glory of the sacred weeks approaching the Christmas season I believe you will feel a closeness to beloved Jesus, beloved Saint Germain and Myself. Remember I AM willing to intercede for you as a friend and an advocate if you want Me. I AM willing to offer My prayers and invocations with yours. Just as you would take a small candleflame and enfold it in a mighty compass of a bonfire so does the prayer, invocation and aspiration of an ascended being enfold the small slender aspiration and the timid application of the unascended. In that combined uward rush of energy your call can reach and be accepted by the higher heavens thru the momentum of that which We offer.

Now We shall turn again to the story which I have woven for you with much joy. While I have been doing this I have woven into the substance of your worlds a realization of Our actual practical reality as individuals.

During the journey from Judea to the Ises of Britain from time to time I was prompted to draw into our company certain lifestreams from the various countries thru which We passed. There again the state of listening grace was so important. Perhaps I would be just walking along the road or visiting with some friends and I would suddenly hear a very delicate burst of music when I would pass thru the aura of a specific soul I could feel and sense that vibration in My body. It was just as delicate as the song of a bird scarcely discernible, yet when I would hear that I would pause and look around to see whom I was to invite to accompany Us.

Out of the land of Egypt alone I drew twelve individuals. From Greece We drew several more and when Joseph of Arimathea put us ashore in Portugal We began that long wearisome journey thru Spain and France. Crossing the Pyrenees is no small task when one has not the comfort of carriages and has but the assistance of one's own locomotion or sometimes a donkey. We drew from Portugal those who were to be the children of Fatima later and We drew from Spain those who were to be known later as Loyola and Xavier. We drew from France a small child who was later to become Bernadette. All of these We gathered into Our group, depending upon the courtesy of Our host to accept Our ever-increasing number. When We got to Glastonbury We abided for some time as We were making certain records for a future day. There We drew a very small infant who would one day be the mighty St. Patrick and glad I was I had women in My company to help Me care for him. Those of you who have crossed the English Channel or know the rough seas off the shores of Spain can imagine what it was to travel these seas with small children in not so large a vessel propelled by oars and sails. Sometimes We were becalmed for days in a blazing sun and sometimes tossed about like a chip on those rough seas. Then I was glad We had woven cloaks for Ourselves from the warm wool of the sheep. These made Us more comfortable but even so there was very little privacy and very great proximity among those who were comparative strangers. Yet We made that journey in such harmony. Those oarsmen with their strong arms as they beat out the path for that vessel thru the blue waters of the Mediterranean were creating for themselves the right to be the first Knights of Arthur's Court. How long is the karma woven before the day of opportunity which gives man the right to wear the crown of victory!

It was a long journey back but We finally returned to Our home. You will remember We had left the beloved disciple John in charge while We were gone. John was a visionary and a dreamer. He was a mystic but not a practical man. Therefore when We got back Peter was distressed indeed to find that although thru Martha's care the household had run smoothly individual liberties had run down the morale of our new community. Peter said to James: "Never again shall I go away unless you remain. Never again shall I leave to this dreamer the fate of a community that is yet so new that it could easily be swallowed up again by the Sanhedrin or by Rome." I smiled within Myself for I knew that love was still the greatest thing in the universe. Not one had left and even as they had clustered around Jesus, now they clustered around John. In the fragrance of his Presence and his love they found peace.

Then I think began the fifteen most difficult years, the years of adjustment with the many selves, the years when I had to be Mother and referee among so many types of individuals. For lack of actual leadership the community at home had reverted to or continued in the celebration of the Jewish feasts, the Passover and others. Peter was incensed at this. He said to Me: "Mother, it is fitting now that We have Our own new and vibrant worship. We shall build around new holidays the events of Our Master, doing away with the old." I said: "Yes I think it is time." So We had Our first Christmas celebration. The disciples prepared a small crib as a surprise for Me and We re-enacted the Nativity with alot of happiness and joy.

I had meant to tell you that in the visitations of beloved Jesus after the Resurrection the music which you use today to "Joy to the World" always accompanied his Presence. Ofttimes when We would be together I would be amazed that the entire group did not hear that theme as Jesus would come within the room in the magnificence of his electronic body. He was a part of many of the festivities in which We all joined. In due time We had Our first Easter celebration, Our Ascension day and Our Pentecost services. Thus We began a rhythm of worship discarding the old and building in the new.

During this time I continued My work in the garden for even yet I enjoyed the natural activity of healing that is within the Earth. With the help of Mary Magdalene I was enabled to create ointment which We used to put on the feet of the disciples and apostles when they would return from their long journeys. As you know many were barefoot and others had only simple sandals to protect the feet. The hot sands would crack the soles of their feet but after We had put this ointment upon those feet in a few days they would be all right again.

Then one day I remember well Peter burst in and said: "Those heathen!" I said: "What heathen?" Peter answered: "Those heathen from India! Do you know what they have done? They have made a great big sun on the side of Our home and they are worshipping it." I said: "Well, Peter, let Us go and see."

So We went out and sure enough there was a great big sun symbolic of Osiris. I smiled and said: "You know, Peter, had you thought that the sun is very like Our Jesus? Each night it seems to descend into the tomb and each morning it has a resurrection. These blessed ones are newly come and do not know the Master as you and I do. They do not worship the sun anymore than We worship Our Jesus." Peter said: "Well, yes, but there are alot of people hereabouts who are going to pass by and they think We are fanatical enough without seeing the sun on the side of Our house." "All right," I answered. "Besides that," said Peter, "We just whitewashed the house." "Very well, get Andrew and whitewash over the symbol they have made there. I will give these men some sunflower seed. We will plant them against the side of the house and thru the symbol of those flowers they can worship their Sun." Then Peter was pleased. You know you have personalities to deal with wherever you are.

Another night I heard a great commotion in the yard and looking out I found Andrew and James intent on going fishing. Peter was opposing it violently. I went out. Andrew and James said they longed for the Sea of Galilee, the smell of the salt air and the fresh breezes. I said to Peter: "Now why don't you go with Andrew and James and preach along the shores of Galilee? You need not fish for now you are all fishers of men." Then they went off together arm in arm in happiness. It is joy to bring understanding.

Another day the lovely wife of Pilate came, her face flushed with anger and indignation, and said: "That man!" I said: "Whom do you mean?" She said: "He destroyed my lovely Apollo. I had placed him in the garden where I might use him as an ornament in a bird sanctuary." I said: "You go and get it." I called Peter who said: "We won't have any idolatry. We will not have the Roman gods in this community!" "Peter," I said, "this figure is only representative of beauty. It is an embodiment of love and beauty from the sun. Go get some plaster and replace that lovely head upon its body." Peter did as I asked. We had many amusing experiences and many happy ones.

One day as I was working I thought it would be lovely to have some bees to give us honey because the men had such plain fare. I had some brassware and knew a way to work with elemental life. I knew that bees respond to certain sounds so I went out into the fields and called the wild bees with the clinking of the brassware. They gathered together with their queen and We had Our own hive and honeycombs. Then the men were able to have honey with their unleavened bread.

Our beloved Mary Magdalene was very much interested in perfumery. Peter balked at that too, saying "What shall we call this? A foppery, perhaps?" I answered: "Well let Us put it into the ointment and when We anoint people's feet for healing the substance will be fragrant." Then he was pleased, so was Mary Magdalene, and there was peace!

Now looking back you may think that I sat with hands folded looking Heavenward. Children! I lived as you do and everyday brought its own experiences of happiness and joy but it brought the other sort of experiences also, believe Me!

Then came the folks from India and they all sat crosslegged in the corner of the courtyard. The disciples said: "Those who won't work won't eat." They are not going to sit over there in the corner all day while we have to till these fields and milk the goats, tend the sheep, etc. They aren't going to get any food if they won't help." I said to them: "Look! You are going to have men, women and children too from all over the world. Did not Jesus say 'There are also sheep that are not of this fold'? Those men who just sit there have come to be within the aura of Bethany just to absorb the radiation of the Master with whom most of you have had the privilege of living with and knowing so well. They are satisfied to go this whole life thru and never hear a word from his lips, ask no visitation, just willing to receive the radiation here which is the hem of his garment." Then the disciples agreed that this was so and supplied these people with food, fruit and drink, in fact far more than the ascetic could use.

Oh! We had happy times. We had the coming of the Jew, Gentile, Roman, the men of Persia, India, Egypt, Greece, the men of Gaul and Britain. It is not an easy thing to combine men in spirit. All this time Our beloved John was growing more and more like his Master even as to the contour of his face, the shine of his hair and the brilliance of his eyes. Remember, He and I had Our daily communion at the top of Bethany's hill and sometimes the disciples and friends who had known Jesus in life accompanied Us. John or Myself would be able to convey to them that about which Jesus spoke. For years John wrote down those magnificent revelations. He has now applied to the Karmic Board for a dispensation whereby some of those revelations may be given again in his Own words and written into the book of life. We are hoping They will permit this to be done.

Finally as time went on the beloved Saul of Tarsus came to Us. He was another great man who suffered agonies of torment. He suffered such remorse for what he had done to Stephen and others, besides the remorse that he had not been in a state of listening grace and so missed the opportunity of being a part of Jesus' ministry. Yet he had a terrific drive of energy in his determination to make things right. I would sometimes find him in the depths of despair with the tears running down his cheeks. Other times I would find him so filled with the arrogance and knowledge of the law, arguing violently with the untutored disciples. I would say: "Paul, listen well for these men have heard the voice of the Master in faith and they have lived in his aura. They have breathed in the etheric Presence of Jesus." Then he would subside.

During this time these various disciples and apostles were going out on their various missions and ministries and coming back from these. When Peter would go away on a mission he would be sure to have James remain behind so that We would not again fall into the confusion which We found on Our return from Britain. We the women would endeavor to see that the disciples and apostles had warm clothes, particularly for those going into the northern climates.

Finally within about nine years before the close of My embodiment I said to Peter: "If you will build Me now a small house and chapel apart from the community by the edge of the stream I shall cloister Myself and prepare to meet My Maker." This was done and there I lived the rest of My life. Mary of Bethany and other beloved friends would bring flowers, candles and fresh fruit. I spent those years in contemplation of My Lord, in reminiscence of the early days of My life, My first Christmas and all the years with Joseph, the parting while Jesus went into India so soon after his Father had left the Earth, his triumphant return, the resurrection and his own ascension.

It became physically difficult for Me to climb Bethany's hill and John kept the vigil for Me. I began to enter more into the world of the beyond than the world of the here. Finally in May right after the Pentecost I said to John: "Call the disciples and apostles home, for before August closes her radiation I shall have joined My Son."

You know, it took a great deal of time, sometimes months, to reach individuals who were in faraway places like Greece. They all came home but in the meantime I had asked that a small chapel be built on top of Bethany's hill, just a very simple one. On the 10th of August I walked up that hill, having asked that I might be alone on this occasion. I placed My feet in the shining footprints of My Son as I ascended that hill. For three days and three nights I remained there in that chapel fasting and praying. By then all of the disciples and apostles were home and they came up the hill for Me. I descended from the hill with them into My Own home and there spoke to them, the original disciples particularly. I told them that I would leave this world and that on the 15th August My ascension would be completed. I asked them how they wished to pursue the rest of their course. John said: "I shall follow You, Mother, as soon as I hear the voice of My Presence."

Paul said: "Knowing my nature I shall take no chances. If I have earned my freedom I shall take it!" Peter, James and Andrew said: "We shall tarry until He comes again. We shall endeavor to do thruout the Christian Dispensation, Mother, what You have done thruout these thirty long years." I blessed them all and then the other members of the community came in. I blessed them too. Then I closed My eyes on this world to open them in the Presence of Joseph first, then Jesus. As you know they placed My body within a rocky tomb and sealed it for three days. During this time I was free in the higher octaves preparing for the ascension of My physical form. Then did I return and raise that flesh form. I called it to Me, absorbed it into My Own Holy Christ Self and consciously entered into the heart of My Presence as My Son did before Me. I left within the tomb a white rose for each one of that community. That is why the white rose is particularly dear to those who were a part of that service.

When they rolled back the door from My tomb they found the body was gone and the fragrance of the roses filled the place. They then made the holy day which is now called the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

After that in My full God-freedom I enjoyed renewing My associations with all those who had assisted Me on the other side--Lord Maitreya, Gabriel and Raphael, Jesus and Joseph, Anne and Joachim, Elizabeth and John, John the Baptist and all who had gone before. Yes, with Judas too!

Then came the crowning of My humble Self for service. In a great and mystic ceremony similar to that in which beloved Saint Germain and beloved Portia engaged in the month of May this year the beloved Master Jesus placed on My head the Crown of the Queen of Heaven for the Christian Dispensation. Cosmically I became the Mother of the World. I have remained so until recently when I turned over to Portia the Goddess of Opportunity that great office for the new era.

So this morning, beloved of My heart, I give the white rose of friendship in memory of a conscious ascension. Remember, the day when you too lay aside the garments of flesh and stand God-free I shall greet you both as a friend and as a Mother. May the blessings of Our Lord Jesus and God in Heaven be upon you always. Good morning!

Memoir #12 (dictated to G. Innocente)

Beloved and blessed children of My bosom, friends of My heart, co-workers with God in establishing the glory and majesty of His Kingdom, how I love you! How My solicitude, My friendship, My devotion has flowed toward your lifeflame that has burned so brilliantly, so constantly and so enthusiastically amid the great seas of maya. Each of you tends the candle of your own light, breathing upon your individual vows the enthusiasms of your personal selves. However by your cooperative service you are emitting a light which has encompassed the entire planet thru the endeavors of just a handful of earnest, devoted and blessed lifestreams.

One does not know just how far a blessing will go when it is sent forth from the heart of love. A thoughtform of blessing no larger than the size of one's fingernail with beautiful wings upon it, created by love within the heart and released to bless life, may encircle the entire planet. It may rest upon the shoulder of some man, woman or child who is downhearted, giving just the right strength and courage required for that one to again take heart and face victoriously the problems of their daily lives. Such an one would be encouraged anew by a blessing born in your breasts, issued from your heart or lips but always propelled by feeling.

Lovely ones, as you stood together today and in the preceding days of this class your sanctuary looked like one of those beautiful eucharist cups which has been fashioned in memorial of the first communion service. From it has poured forth these various thoughtforms, each engendered by your own particular vibratory action and the ray to which you belong. All of them had tiny wings and they have gone north, south, east and west, anchoring in many hearts and in many of the forces of nature, remaining ensouled there by a devic being or a cherubic being as the encouragement of your light and as a lasting and permanent gift from this class.

You see, it is not enough to issue the decrees, fiats and blessings and then when they have spent themselves to let the world return to sleep again. Those decrees, fiats and blessings must be made alive and sustained in light eternal so that they live and grow even as does the light of My Son, increasing in splendor, in magnetism and in the power to stir other lifestreams to a like accomplishment. That is the activity of the Light of God that Never Fails, the activity of those of Us who serve it.

In the ascended master realm every thought, every feeling and every spoken word is so perfect, so beautiful that it has earned the right to live forever and become a permanent radiation of blessing to this universe. So this week We have carefully combed over the energies which you have released. We have sent forth those which have earned the right to live in this physical appearance world and the mental and feeling worlds of mankind as well. From the eucharist made up of the living cells of your own life and light there has flowed a benediction to the nature kingdom and man's kingdom too which will be felt long after you return individually to your small orbits and your respective localities.

Today on a million altars candles are burning to My Son. Today before many pulpits knees are bent and the words of the Rosary are going forth. Thru the worship of the people today remembrance of Me too is rising like a blue cloud of incense not only here in America but in Europe and the Orient as well. All that magnetized energy becomes a bridge over which My life may flow back into the hearts of those who remember Mary, those who remember Joseph and who remember Jesus. Abstract as their devotions are, thru this activity this morning We bring back to them each one the blessing of a simple and homely Family who lived but to serve God and to do His will. We lived to write on the records of akasha a message of hope, of God's goodness, of Jesus' light and life, so that succeeding generations might read it, hearts be kindled and spirits stirred. It was Our hope that here and there among the plodding masses there might be one or more who would step forth into the shining footprints of Our beloved Jesus upon the path of light and walk upwards into the glory of the resurrection and the ascension.

We wrote on the akashic records and so We prayed in constant vigilance. We lived a natural life and closed a pilgrimage. When Our days were done thru the graciousness of God and the mercy of His love We were called Home. There seemed to have been little accomplished except for the very few who had the honor of proximity to the beloved Master and his message. It seemed as though there had been but little accomplished too when My strong young boy was placed on Calvary's cross. It seemed that little had been accomplished by his words of wisdom, his life of grace, his miraculous healings.

John and I stood at the foot of that cross and as I looked upon the turbulent and curious mob gazing at the seemingly helpless one, I reflected for a moment, thinking what has all our long life come to? What have We accomplished? We touched the hearts of a few perhaps and even those few are scattered today. Youth and beauty here are wilted. Yet on an Easter morning some time later as I stood looking at the resuscitated form of the one I loved so well and kissed his blessed hand, as I saw the morning sun reflected on his shining hair and that luminous warmth in his eyes, as I felt the very texture of the robe I had woven with My Own hands, I thought, yes! even if one man has done this, even if no one but Myself and He should ever know of this victory, it has been worth it all. What one has done all may one day do. You see, that was the promise of the Father of life before We took embodiment. That was the promise of Lord Maitreya before We took the initiation that if one could do it and one would do it, all men, all women, all children would have like opportunity when they chose to accept it.

Therefore beloved Jesus and I stood that Easter morning in a great happiness of accomplishment and We took a new vow together. We vowed then that that which We had begun in simplicity but in great faith We would sustain so help us God! Even though Our paths might part temporarily, although at inner levels We should not meet again for some time, We would sustain the birth of the Christian Dispensation until the resurrection became not only a creed but a manifest externalized truth to the decadent flesh of all mankind.

So when Jesus said to Me: "Will You tarry for awhile?" I said: "Son, I who have lived so long for You, I who have breathed for nothing else but to give You the courage of My life, I shall remain if it be an eternity!" There We made the pact that We later fulfilled at Bethany when Jesus walked up that beautiful pathway to the lovely rock where I had prayed so often; He to walk triumphantly into the heart of the Father from whence He came, I to remain with a few, the few who had heard his voice, the few who had felt the heart-throb of his Presence, the few who were then scattered and shaken. I was to be their strength, their comfort and their love. Then together We would magnetize whatever currents Jesus in his light and wisdom would send to Us. We did this so that the Christian Dispensation might have the vitality, the fire and the necessary spiritual strength to sustain itself when We had passed from the screen of life.

Beloved ones, you do not yet know what it means to have a complete and thorough dedication to a God purpose! You are in the process of learning and that brings you so close to My heart, for you know I AM your Mother! I AM your Mother and My love for you is as great as it ever was for Jesus as I cared for him. The immaculate concept which I hold for you is as shining and perfect as that given to Me by Gabriel on that day when again He brought to Me thru the veil of flesh remembrance of My vow, remembrance of Jesus' ministry. No whit more beautiful was Jesus' immaculate concept than is your own! Ah, no! You will come to know as you rise and rise in consciousness that all of God's children, each and every one, is as dear as the other. The fullness of perfection for each one becomes the very motivating power of the pulsebeat of your sweet hearts.

You know, I was only three, very small in Earth's count of years, when Anne and Joachim took Me to the temple. That temple was very large to a baby's eyes and very impersonal, dear hearts. My mother and father were very real to Me, so was My home and My baby life. Yet that day My parents performed the great service of renunciation and I entered that temple life to remain there until I had attained My maturity. I remember the kindness of those who cared for Me but the disciplines of the temple are never softened for the individual. Not even for My Jesus were the disciplines of Luxor softened, nor for John the disciplines of the Essenes. They were not softened either for a tender child in the temple in which I abode.

It was a lone life for a small child who was introspective in the extreme and those who were kindest of all to Me were the archangels. I had newly come from Heaven, I had not yet forgotten the shine of their wings, the lustre of their hair nor the magnificence of their Presence. In the small cell which was mine often at night the great and shining Presence of Lord Michael would come and sit by My bed. In order to assist and instruct Me He would have a group of small defending angels march up and down across the bed for Me just as you would allow your children to play with toy soldiers. However these were real moving beings. In this manner He taught Me with the gentleness and kindness of a mother the activities of the guardian angels, those whose particular service it was and is to keep the souls of men free from the subtle influences of suggestions of impurity and imperfection. Then as We grew to understand each other, these little figures would act out the various stories which He was giving to My consciousness to show the all-power of God.

Early in My activities in the temple the priests were instructed that I was to be particularly trained in the powers of concentration. I think I was not more than five years of age when with stylus in hand I was given the chore of copying off the letters from the Scriptures and while My maiden friends played in the grasses and enjoyed the dance I would laboriously figure out these letters and endeavor to keep My mind from the shining sun which I adored, from the blue sky and from all the joys of childhood. In the afternoon I would ofttimes go as far away as I could from the groups of individuals to a certain place where I would have the comfort and sweetness of the great Archangel Raphael whose love was so great. I cannot describe to you the happiness of that association, the beauty of that companionship. Later came the experiences with the strength of the mighty Gabriel, the infinite power of his purity and light.

However, having accepted the karma of the race, as I grew in years the remembrance of the angels' wings became more dim. No longer could I hear their voices. Then there came a period, the dark hour of My soul, even as each of you has had or will have such a dark hour when the glory of Heaven seems shut away. During that time I had to ponder in My heart upon the oneness of Our Lord God and Myself. This I continued to do until I was released from the temple.

Then came the days when I was awaiting the appearance of the guardian of My life. I can never forget the day I first met Joseph. I can never forget it beacuse behim Him for the first time in a good many years I saw the blazing figure of the great Archangel Zadkiel. I really did not see the person of Joseph at all but I knew it was He for whom I was meant. Behind and above Him stood the shining one, thus reminding Me of the angelic kingdom which it seemed to Me had receded into the imaginings of childhood.

I remember those days when Joseph and I prepared for the birth of Jesus. I remember making the small garments for that infant and enjoying the association with Joseph who was in Himself both a mystic and a very advanced spiritual man. he was a member of the Essene Brotherhood, one who knew much of the law and who imparted to Me a great deal of that law in those months of waiting. Together We planned Our future, together We prayed that each of Us might have the strength to fulfill Our mission in glory. So We prayed that night in Bethlehem when I curled that first fine hair of Jesus over My finger and Joseph smiling said: "I think now We are over the worst of the experience." We were ready then to settle down into the growing years.

I remember waking in the night and seeing Joseph standing in the doorway I felt that He was troubled. I arose quickly and went to his side. He said: "Mary, I had a warning in the night. I know not whether it is of God and the angels or whether it is the fears of the psychic realm which are pressed against My conscious mind. It seems not possible that He who is born to such a great victory could be so soon subject to such cruelty. Yet I am told We should flee from this land at once." I said: "Joseph, let us get still. Let us pray." We did so and I soon felt within Myself the truth of that message. You know how we took Our babe and left. You know how We entered into the land of Egypt. Behind Us the blood of infants flowed in the streets and I vowed then that We personally would assist everyone of those children to their ascension whose lifeblood wqas a sacrifice, who died that He might live. That vow shall be fulfilled in the name of God!

For a time We lived in Egypt and Our beloved Jesus went quickly and easily thru all the experiences there, all the experiences at Luxor. I was not permitted to go with Him to study within the temple but I was trained in the powers of concentration and privately given the same instruction by beloved Serapis Bey. That instruction was on the resurrection of the body, the suspension of the breath and the preparation for the public manifestation of that resurrection which would take place thru My Son for the blessing of all mankind.

Later came the years when We returned to Jerusalem, when the immediate troubles and dangers were gone. Then came the growing years when We had to fulfill the letter of the Scripture, when Jesus went up to the temple and fulfilled in obedience all the letter of the law, becoming in truth the prince of the house of David. There We enjoyed those sweet years together.

Finally one day Joseph said to Me: "Mary, I am told that I have not yet too many years ahead. There will come a parting when You must go on alone. I have been told by My Teacher that it is time now to introduce Our Son to the Essenes. It is also time for Me to bring James and John into Your Presence and to set them upon their spiritual path. Then I AM to go out to seek those men who My Teacher has told Me will be the strength of You and Jesus in the days that are to come." James and John had been raised by a kindly woman, and Joseph their guardian was concerned within Himself about the boys yet young in years. He said to Me: "Beloved Mary, do You think We should bring James and John into Our home at this time or do You feel that it is wiser that We keep it sanctified for the Presence of Our blessed Jesus?" I said at once: "I shall not make this decision alone, let Us rest it with the Lord."

As We did We found it was best to keep Our beloved Jesus in that uninterrupted sanctified peace. So Joseph said then: "I shall go to these boys and ask which one of them will accept the role as head of the household and which one is willing to take the training preparatory to being the righthand of Jesus in the days that are to come."

Joseph went to the home of the boys. James being stronger, older and more of a practical man took upon Himself the responsibilities of the household. John was delivered to the Essenes where He remained in their training for some years. After John had gone Joseph said to Me: "I think I had best take James with Me down to Galilee. He is young to live so alone and I shall take Him to those men who are to stand with the beloved Jesus in the days ahead. I shall acquaint Myself with those men and according to their capacity to understand I shall endeavor to alert them as to things which are to come, that is if you can spare Me awhile, Beloved." I said: "Joseph, We live but for one thing, for the victory of this ministry, for the education of those who can assist Us. You are as free, Beloved, as though I were not in embodiment." Joseph said: "I will make these journeys as short as I can for My span of years on earth now grows very short. Before I go I want to have as much association as possible with You and this boy whom I love more than life."

Joseph then took James and went down into Galilee. There He came upon Peter and Andrew and talked with them. Now this may be surprising to you but Joseph knew of those disciples for years before Jesus was even aware of who they would be. joseph talked with these men and brought to each one as much as their consciousness could absorb and the law would permit at that time. Then He returned home and We discussed them together. Joseph would say: "mary, there you have a strength in that one, there you will have perhaps a doubt, there you will have a sweetness, look for these men."

I did not personally meet the disciples until some time later but when I did Joseph's wise admonitions were of great assistance to Me. You see I had nothing in my whole life but a desire to concentrate upon the immaculate concept of My Son. Therefore at that time Joseph did for Me and for Jesus the preliminary work in the establishing of the Christian Era. Today you are giving the same kind of service to Him as you serve the cause of St. Germain.

One day Joseph said: "I AM going to take John to join James at Capernaum. Then My work is done." The parting of beloved Joseph and Myself was not a sad one as partings go. he was conscious that his mission was completed, and may I say, completed in beautiful dignity. Jesus was already the wonderful embodied power of the Cosmic Christ, having received that power from Lord Maitreya whom He had now accepted as his cosmic Teacher. During Jesus' growing years Our beloved Joseph's service to his lifestream was to be his Teacher and the example of the Father to Him. When Jesus had developed to the place where Lord Maitreya could be his Teacher, Joseph's work was done.

Thru the contact of the disciples with Joseph they were alerted not to the personality of Jesus but to the coming of the Messiah, and they were in the process of preparation for their part in that great event. They were alerted too to the truth that such a Messiahship was soon to burst upon the screen of life. You see, part of their great initiation would come in recognizing that One whom they were told might come. Joseph did not tell these men that He knew of the actual person who would be that Messiah but that thru the study of the ancient prophecies and teachings of the law He felt that the time for the appearance of this Messiah had arrived.

Joseph said to Me one day: "Mary, I suggest that You go up to Bethany as soon as possible after My passing. The beloved Jesus must go eastward and seek his own Teacher in India, the beloved Divine Director. You stay in Bethan and if possible have Elizabeth and John (the Baptist) visit You. I leave You in the hands of friends." At the hour of Joseph's passing Jesus and I stood alone with Him and Joseph said: "You know, Mary, I AM going to make a vow as I leave this life. As I look upon the beautiful Presence of Our Son, as I look upon Your light and strength, as I find the passing into the Father's Home so sweet, I AM going to make a vow to life. That vow shall be that some day I shall assist every man, woman and child belonging to the evolutions of this planet to leave the Earth in the same happiness and dignity, the same control of their faculties, the same assurance of life eternal as I do! If they have done their work well, they shall step consciously into the hereafter in peace and joy." Thus Our beloved Joseph became the patron of a happy passing. You are all acquainted with that, I know. Those of you who are interested in mankind en masse if you will so call to Him you can make everyone's passing such a dignified, happy and beautiful one.

Joseph was not gone very long before Jesus prepared to go eastward to India. I went up into Bethany and there I stayed for a time. I shall not repeat Myself for My experiences are chronicled elsewhere. I found that hill of Bethany which was to become the place from which Jesus ascended into the glory of perfection, the apex of his ministry. By walking up that hill every day alone, praying and sending forth My invocations for his victory I was actually making a pathway of light for Him. By so doing I made a pathway just as every individual does who passes victoriously thru the wilderness experiences of human creation. Every such an one makes a wider pathway of faith and truth for those who follow on. So with My Own physical body again with My very Life I made a pathway of light for Jesus up that hillside. On the top of that hill I made a pathway too, here thru the psychic and astral realm connecting with the consciousness of the beloved Vesta. Over this pathway My Son would later walk in triumph. Even though the strength was his, the vitality and fire, still all of My life added to his gave Him added assistance.

Jesus returned from India, you will remember, and We had a short time together before his ministry began in earnest, before He set out to find the men whom Joseph had previously alerted. Jesus quickly found these men and returned with them in happiness. Then for the first time I met those of whom I had previously heard, those whom I knew in character and nature thru the descriptions given Me by Joseph, My beloved spouse. Thru his service He bridged Our consciousness.

For the most part while Jesus was engaged in his ministry I remained at home, endeavoring to prepare for the victory of the resurrection morning. I have already spoken to you briefly about that. Now as the ascended ones always come to bring light, strength, beauty, courage, happiness and positive assurance to all, while I have spoken to you this morning I have opened My heart, opened the treasurechest of sweet and sacred memories I have never shared before. During this time also We have been giving Our blessing, Our benediction to all mankind. Please feel that while I have been speaking to you My love and light have entered many bodies where there has been pain, many souls where there has been darkness, many minds where there has been confusion. That love, light and life shall stand there giving the assistance long after you have hastened back to your loved ones in this world of form.

Before I close I would like to speak briefly to you on the elemental kingdom with which you are primarily concerned during this class. I was trained for My service to life in holding the immaculate concept for the Master Jesus in the Nature Temples. Therefore I can speak with some certain authority upon this subject. My feeling of that authority I wish to charge into your feeling worlds before I leave you today. The nature of the elemental kingdom is to mirror that which it sees. It immediately becomes that which it looks upon! After We were trained We were given eight or ten small elementals to teach. The first experience We had was that as We appeared before our little audience every elemental there immediately looked just like Us! It was like looking into a mirror and seeing eight or ten replicas of Ourselves. Each of Us had this experience. At first We did not realize what was happening. I thought within Myself: I guess they have given me elementals to teach who have an affinity to Me and that We are all more or less alike because that is the harmonious way to work. I proceeded for many months under that assumption!

Then I began to realize that if I came in pink they were all in pink too! If I came in blue they were all in blue also! If I wore a wreath of flowers in My hair they all had exact wreaths of flowers in theirs! Now either there are no beings here and I AM externalizing into maya My Own form or there is something wrong with what I AM trying to do, I thought.

Beloved hearts, in this work you must learn to think! You are given just a hint, let us say, of the entire scheme and you must develop it. To some you can give an experience and they will develop it, others still sit with the same kernel of truth at the close of life and nothing has come forth in the way of flower or fruit. However if you have determined to get somewhere on the path of life you will begin to examine the experiences you have. So I did.

From then on I carefully watched the response of the elemental kingdom. I learned then that it was their nature to mirror that which they saw. Well, what had they seen here but just an inexperienced girl accomplishing nothing? It came to Me then: You are not teaching! You are just mirroring yourself in alot of tiny beings, you are just duplicating that which you are. Now why don't you create for them something they can fashion? Make it interesting for them, make this form you create more powerful than yourself and let yourself sort of fade away until the personal self is no more and the elementals are then able to create a flower, piece of fruit or whatever it is that will be of benefit to the kingdom which they serve.

I chose something simple that would be of beauty and use on this planet Earth, the maidenhair fern. It is still growing here on Earth today and was a gift to your planet from God thru My consciousness. That day I stopped before I entered the Temple and I said to Myself: Mary, You must decrease now so that this form which you have created in thought and feeling may increase and be the predominant figure before the attention of these elementals. You will know whether it is You or Your service which is greatest by the reaction of these little mirrors here. I held that maidenhair fern which I had created before My tiny audience and I endeavored to let Myself just fade out, impressing that form on their little consciousnesses.

The happiest moment of My life at that time was when they ceased to be little Marys and began to be the embodiment of the form which I had designed for them. I knew then in that was their mastery. Now why do I tell you this? I tell it not because My life is of any particular importance to any other being but because you are now dealing with the forces of nature all around you. You are now dealing with a world which is in the process of decay. You can believe this or not. You are dealing with the water element, with earth and air! What is that elemental life going to do when it sees turmoil and fear? It will just magnify, mirror and increase that turmoil and destructive creation unless it can see mastery, control and balance. You know even with an angry animal how it will act when it smells fear. However when there is serenity and mastery present the animal creation recedes and the love principle acts!

When you have anything unusual happen--an unexpected sound, the dropping of some article or something of that nature--there is a shock to the emotional body. What do you think it would be like if you were to have a trembling of the Earth, the rising of a tidalwave or perhaps tremendously destructive cataclysmic activity? What do you think that would be like in the masses of people who have no conscious knowledge of the law, no spiritual training, no discipline, little balance and not much control of their energies? Yet the nature kingdom would mirror the feelings of those people! Suppose there were ten million people filled with fear. Add to that the energy swirling in the atmosphere were cataclysmic activity has already begun and you will have all that distress mirrored in the oceans, in the air and in the earth as well! If you have a few, only a few, who can decrease the personal self and hold the same mastery Jesus did when He stood in that boat on the sea of Galilee and commanded it to be still, then you can handle the energies of the nature kingdom!

The nature kingdom always knows its master! However if there is no master in a city, if there is no master in a nation or on the planet the elementals will follow the patterns of the masses because they mirror and outpicture that which they see. Think this thru! Think it thru, beloved ones, and become friends with the forces of the elements. Be positive in your desire for mastery, be prepared to be master of your own energies and master of all the energies you contact in the world about you! As the beloved Kwan Yin continues Her service I hope you will dedicate and consecrate the decree class you intend to hold tonight to the forces of the elements, getting a warmth of feeling for them, a feeling of friendliness and a consciousness of their Presence. If you will give a few hours of your life not in tension or fear but in the release of happy energy you can render a great service.

Beloved ones, having taken much of your time this morning, I give you My love, the love of a Mother for Her children, the love of My blessed Jesus who will speak to you on Sunday, the love of holy Lord Maitreya who guarded and guided both Jesus and Myself, the love of John--every wish I had He always tried to fulfill. On every occasion where I required help John always stood by. Truly He was love. To you dear heart friends whom I knew in Judea, to you with whom I broke bread, to you who walked with Me and Our beloved Master Jesus, who accepted and enjoyed the glorious resurrection morning, who walked up Bethany's hill and saw his shining radiance in the atmosphere, to you a happy and a holy Easter! God is with you until We meet again!